a Marc Márquez of legend wins by climbing 33 positions

Pol Espargaró came out with all the ballots to win from the pole while Marc Márquez came out from the last position by the penalty imposed on colliding with Simone Corsi in the free. Again the bell again gave the Moto2 World Champion to overcome from the last to the first position in a spectacular carrerón seconded by two other Spaniards, Julito Simón and Nico Terol. All three have given us an epic race that is the perfect brooch for the 2012 season.

Nico Terol was put first after the start, his first time in charge of a race in Moto2, and Marc Márquez was tempted 20 positions as if they were pipes in just a partial. At the end of the first round, ours were really good with Terol in first place, Pol Espargaró second, Julito Simón fourth, Jordi Torres eighth, and Márquez was already running the twelfth. Meanwhile, the Valencian driver of Mapfre Aspar escaped by opening a gap until two seconds on the duo formed by Pol Espargaró and Julito Simón, who stood at his wheel.

Behind Marc Márquez continued his climb to stagnate with Jordi Torres around the ninth place for a few turns. Pol Espargaró with many problems in water lost the second place and falling to the fourth behind Simone Corsi, leaving Julito Simón alone who was starting to hunt down Nico Terol. The circuit began to dry showing a very clear lane in some parts of the route that presaged that the water tires would begin to have problems and therefore the pilots began to look for the areas of the wettest route.

In the absence of 20 laps Julito Simón managed to contact Nico Terol on the basis of fast laps and as soon as he reached it he became a leader and started to pull hard. Meanwhile, behind Pol Espargaró went to the floor playing Simone Corsi leaving us one of the most spectacular images of the weekend while crawling on the floor gripping the handlebars without releasing the clutch and gassing to try not to be Calase the bike, but falling to the twentieth position. Luckily, he was able to go back up to eighth place.

The escape of Julito Simón began to bear fruit leaving Terol off the hook in no man’s land with seven seconds to the third place, while it rained again on the Valencian asphalt causing the fall of Javier Ximeón and shortly after that of Johan Zarco putting in tray to Marc Marquez the fifth place behind Dominique Aegerter and Gino Rea. With this last one it had a slight touch that caused the exit of track of the Catalan, who ignited again, recovered the distance and passed them like an exhalation without concessions and after a slight mishap with Aegerter.

On the next lap Gino Rea went to the ground and Marc Márquez scored several consecutive fast laps of race by cutting 8 or 9 tenths of a lap to Nico Terol and reaching some points to be two seconds faster than the Valencian. Marquez’s hunger has no limits and he went for Terol a few seconds after contacting him with forceful advance and maybe taking more risks than you would expect, but he wanted to finish last in his last Moto2 race and win.

The statements of Emilio Alzamora perfectly describe the general opinion about Márquez: “We do not have words about what Marc is doing, it is amazing what this kid”.

With 6 laps remaining and a difference in favor of Julito Simón of 5 seconds Marc Márquez began to cut at the rate of almost a second per lap based on new fast laps getting contact with the leader with three laps to go. The resistance of Julito Simón did not pay off and on the home straight little could do more than look at how the Suter de CatalunyaCaixa burned the fairing stickers on the left side.

The Villacañas tried to fight with Márquez and tried to be the shadow of the Catalan, but the next HRC Honda pilot is a living legend with a lot of road ahead, and managed to leave Moto2 as a great champion by climbing 33 positions after leaving last. It’s not normal about this guy. Accompanying him on the podium finally a new triplet 100% Spanish with Julito Simón second and, more than 10 seconds, Nico Terol third.