Marc Márquez: “On the fourth or fifth lap I saw that I could finish on the podium”

There was no doubt, but just in case Marc Márquez has done again today in Cheste a piloting exhibition within the reach of very few, only the chosen ones. Marc, who was last on the grid, the 33, due to a penalty, has overtaken 22 riders in the first round, never seen. The victory of Márquez, already champion and with nothing at stake, has been a real sporting milestone, which has raised general admiration and serves as a letter of introduction for his debut, next Tuesday, with the MotoGP Honda, where He is expected with curiosity and respect.

“Yesterday you tangled us up pretty well, when you told us not to expect a comeback like Japan’s.

But, is it that you do not know me or what? (laughs)

-The adjectives are finished, you have us in permanent amazement, do you surprise yourself?

Today I surprised myself, more than anything because when I saw in the warm up it was raining I thought it would not be possible, with water it is harder to overtake. But I made a perfect start, in the first and second corner I passed many riders and then, the truth, I saw myself there, fighting with Aegerter, Rea, Zarco, I passed them and they seemed to want to happen again, but Once I have placed myself in front of them I have seen that I could go faster. I did not want to make mistakes, but when I had a clear path I went to the limit. I was very far away, I knew I was third and if I was playing the title I might have held on, but since it was not like that I thought about going to the limit to see how far I was able to go. It has been a very good race. I am very happy also for Julito and Terol, who have done a hard season and finish on the podium is a great result they deserve.

-When did you see that you could finish on the podium or win the race?

Well, I could finish on the podium I saw it on the fourth or fifth lap, I do not know how it was but I have seen that it had a very good feeling, that it could go much faster and even though it was the tenth I thought it could come. I could only win when I had already taken Julito, I did not know if he was going to the limit or not, but when I took it I saw that I could win.

– Win at home, your last Moto2 race, in the wet … was it the icing on the cake?

Yes, I wanted to get rid of the thorn. When I saw that it was in the wet it was a motivation, to get the thorn from Le Mans, from Malaysia, in water I have always been good, but for one thing or another I have fallen. Today I have found myself very well in water.

– Was it the best race of your life?

I do not think so, it has been fun, it has been short, I do not know if the best, maybe Japan in the dry and without waiting for me to leave so far behind was even better.

– The race you planned?

No no no. Both Emilio and Santi, when we have done the pre-race meeting, have told me ‘go out and have fun, do what you know how to do’, always Emilio putting that point of sanity, not thinking that on Tuesday we tried the MotoGP, but …

– Have you thought about it during the race?

No, I was very focused on what I was doing and I have not had time. I was going to the limit.

-After today, surely Lorenzo, Pedrosa and Rossi should be already a little worried about having you already as a rival. On Tuesday you will try to ‘finish’ giving a good warning?

No, those are big words, it’s completely another story, if you go with this mentality and you feel like it, it’s easier to have problems. At the moment I am excited to try the bike, to get to know the team, but we are talking about the best riders in history and in the world, so … there we will go calmly and humbly.

-Today, after the victory, some of your mechanics have cried. Many of them will not be able to accompany you to MotoGP. What feelings do you have about it?

I have to thank you very much, they are not just mechanics they are friends, we have made a great pineapple and I thank you very much for the two years they have given me, they will be unforgettable throughout my entire career.