The pain stops Marc Márquez

The CatalunyaCaixa rider completes one lap in the qualifying session and qualifies for tomorrow’s race
The Cervera has not participated in the third session of the free practice

The CatalunyaCaixa rider Marc Márquez continues to suffer the consequences of yesterday’s crash, when the bad performance of the track safety commanders led to the fall of Cervera and three other riders. Bruised, and with a very strong pain in the neck area, Márquez could only complete one lap (2’12.864) in the qualifying session of the Malaysian Grand Prix, enough, of course, to qualify for tomorrow’s race (8 , 15 Spanish hours).

The CatalunyaCaixa pilot, who has been able to rest throughout the night on the basis of painkillers, has spent the whole morning at the Mobile Clinic, where he was given different massages in order to relieve the pain of the Cervera driver, losing the third free practice session. In the afternoon, a Marc Márquez visibly touched has made a lap, qualifying officially with the time allowed so that tomorrow he can take part of the start, in the 36th position, always with the consent of his physical condition.

After his return in the qualifying session, Márquez has been transferred again to the Mobile Clinic where they are currently treating him. Time is pressing, and tomorrow you will see how it is when you wake up.

Emili Alzamora, Team Manager CatalunyaCaixa Repsol:

“It was a difficult day, because we expected Marc [Márquez] to get up better this morning, but it has not been like that. You simply have to reassure people that the lack of time between the fall and the training, practically leaves no room to recover and the area of ​​the neck continues to bother you. We thought that today you could find more comfortable on the bike and we decided that it would go directly in the official training, to see how it was and then assess the situation. We knew he could take a quick lap and qualify for the grid, tomorrow we can see if during what remains today and night, he is better. It had a strong blow, but nothing serious, so it simply needs to be recovered. We’ll have to wait until tomorrow to make a decision. “