Marc Márquez suffers a hard fall

The CatalunyaCaixa rider falls to the ground in the first minutes of the first free practice session, with the track wet and without any flag warning him
The one of Cervera suffers a contusion in neck and in the left shoulder

Tricky start for Marc Márquez at the Malaysian Grand Prix. When the pilot CatalunyaCaixa was making the first round of the first free practice session, it has gone to the ground after having found a very wet area, “water puddled” would say other pilots later, in turn 10 and without any flag that notice

Márquez, like Jules Cluzel, Yonny Hernández and Bradley Smith, the latter with less luck, have suffered a fall in that sector. Because of the incident the FIM has fined 15,000 euros to the Malaysian circuit for not having shown the corresponding flag on a completely wet curve.

The CatalunyaCaixa rider was spit on, hitting his head and suffering a contusion on his left shoulder and neck, a small blow to his left toe and a wound on his chin.

In the second session of free practice, with the motorcycle already repaired, and in another demonstration of the great work that the CatalunyaCaixa Repsol Team is always doing, the team decided not to take part in the training as a precaution, as the pilot suffered some dizziness after the strong blow.

Emili Alzamora, Team Manager CatalunyaCaixa Repsol:

“We have gone out on track as always, but the stewards have not marked that there was a part of the circuit that was completely wet. Marc has not seen how a driver who was ahead was falling, or as another skated the bike and, although he was slow, has had a sharp fall with various bruises, one of them in the neck. He was a bit dazed and we saw that he was not one hundred percent to get back on his bike. Also, with the heat that is here in Malaysia, it was best to go to the hotel. They have given him medication so that he can rest; tomorrow morning we will see what the situation is and if the pains have not gone away “.