Marc Márquez will play the title in Valencia

The pilot CatalunyaCaixa does not pass the medical examination and does not dispute the Malaysian Grand Prix

The worst predictions were confirmed. The pilot CatalunyaCaixa Marc Márquez did not pass the medical examination and was declared “unfit” to play the Malaysian Grand Prix. After the heavy fall suffered on Friday, when he had only completed the first lap in the free practice session, at turn 10, completely wet, and without any flag to warn him, Márquez has been dragging various inconveniences that have reduced him in all the workouts. From severe pain in the neck area, to vision problems in the left eye.

In a press conference organized by the team, and accompanied by the Mobile Clinic doctor, Micahele Zasa, the CatalunyaCaixa pilot spoke with the media, this morning, to inform them that he would not take part in the penultimate race of the season It hosts the Malaysian circuit of Sepang. At the same time, and for his part, Doctor Zasa has explained the reasons why it has been decided to make that decision, always, together with the advice of sports consultant Emilio Alzamora.

The CatalunyaCaixa rider took advantage of Stefan Bradl, second in the Malaysian Grand Prix, to add 20 points and lead Márquez with 23 in the absence of the Valencia Regional Grand Prix. The initial objective of the season for Marc and his team was to qualify among the first three riders in the general classification. With this goal achieved, the next was to arrive with chances to fight for the world title in Cheste. And Márquez will fight until the last corner of the Championship. The CatalunyaCaixa driver would have to win the last Grand Prix of the season and hope that Bradl would qualify beyond the 13th position.

Today, Marc will travel to Barcelona, ​​where Dr. Mir waits for a general check-up after suffering two consecutive falls, Australia and Malaysia, in less than a week.

Marc Márquez, CatalunyaCaixa Repsol rider, second in the general standings with 251 points, 23 points behind the first classified:

“At the end and after trying it all weekend, going to the Mobile Clinic to try to recover, we had to make the decision not to run. I was improving a little, but very slowly. Physically I’m not too bad, I only have left foot and shoulder sore, so I could have run if it was for that. But the problem is that when I look to the left side, that eye does not allow me to see clearly, and in the end that on the bike is a very big risk. You have to have a 100% view because you are going over 200 Km / h, and it is not only your physique, it is also the one of the other riders with whom you compete. Yesterday we tried in the timed training, I went out and did a quick lap but immediately I saw that it could not be. We had hoped that today I would find myself better, but when I woke up I have already seen that it could not be, that I have not improved enough. So we had to make this difficult decision not to compete today. It is true that I am playing a World Cup, but no less true that the physical is more important. If it was a finger, a shoulder or a back, you can hold the pain, but as the sight, the head, can not be forced. I saw the race, logically today I supported Luthi and I think he deserved it, I congratulate him for the victory. We are still alive in the championship although the options are minimal, because 23 points are many. My priority now is to recover physically and get to Valencia as recovered as possible. “