Márquez adds a new pole in the Netherlands

Marc Márquez has returned to the pole after not achieving it in Silverstone, where Pol Espargaró dominated all the workouts and took the victory. Today the Cervera has made a stratospheric qualification, rolling at 1.37.133, no doubt an impressive time, 0.455 seconds faster than Pol, who had dominated the previous workouts. But not only that impresses, but that Marquez has gone down, from the training of the morning to the afternoon, in just a few hours, almost a second and a half. Specifically, in the morning, today, it has rolled in a better time of 1.38.581, while in the afternoon it has done it in 1.37.133, an almost magic reduction, especially if we take into account that, for example, Espargaró has reduced, from the time of the morning to the afternoon, ‘only’ 0.322 seconds, an abysmal difference between both pilots …

Regarding the training of the day and the pole position, Marc commented that “I feel good physically, in the morning we knew why we fell and in the afternoon we changed it. In the afternoon, it was on the slowest curve of the circuit every time I was pushing a little more to see where the limit was until in the end I fell, nothing happened either. It has closed me in front and spit it up. But for tomorrow we have a good base, a good step and what is more important, I feel confident for the race. ”

As in Silverstone, Pol Espargaró was leading the free practice, but Marc seems to have wanted to hit the table with this overwhelming pole. “Not at all, we do our job, we knew we were fine, we were not as far away as it seemed, and we just focused on our work, as always. We are on pole and more prepared to fight for victory than at Silverstone. ”

In the face of tomorrow’s race, “we’ll see how it goes, we’ll go out trying to manage the first laps, we’ll see how the rivals are and make a race plan or another based on how we are each.”

“At Silversone we did not have a good base and it was hard for us to catch the rhythm, here the time has been better and little by little we have been testing things and in the qualification everything proved to have worked very well. Tomorrow we can improve a little in the warm up, but right now I’m very happy. ”

On the occasion of the fall of the morning, he said that “we had a lot of chattering, but in the afternoon we improved it and it has helped us to be much more comfortable and to check that by that curve, without the chatter, we could go much more rapid”.