Márquez more leader after his victory and the falls of Espargaró and Luthi

Marc Márquez has won the victory in Assen after an exceptional comeback, which together with the falls of Espargaró and Luthi reinforces his leadership in the general classification of the World Championship.

After the red light went off, Aegerter and Ianonne led Espargaró and Márquez, but after only four contested corners, the first punch of the day arrived, when the Malaysian Wilairot was ahead of the Swiss Luthi.

Pol Espargaró took the lead of the race and began to pull to distance himself from the group, but a small bump inside a curve, which has caused numerous problems to the pilots throughout the weekend, towards losing control of his Kalex and suffered a spectacular fall without physical consequences for the pilot, so the expected duel between Marc Márquez and Pol Espargaró that was presaged after the results of the training did not come to occur.

Aegerter gave the head of the race to an unleashed Ianonne, who imposed a strong rhythm and escaped the group, where Marquez, who gave the impression of not being too comfortable today, had them with an incisive Scott Redding, who returned every overtaking that it was Cervera’s and that increased the distance with the leader of the race tenth to tenth.

Halfway through the race Márquez finally got rid of the Briton and began to iron out the differences with Ianonne, who at 11 of the end was more than 3 seconds, while a great Tito Rabat, who was serving his 100th career here, harassed Redding and I came to overtake him.

The great pace of Márquez, who set his fastest lap to 7 at the end coincided with an irregular pace of Ianonne, probably due to the greater punishment given to the tires and the difference was reduced to just over two and a half seconds.

Five minutes from the end the distance was only half a second and two faster laps Márquez arrived on the Italian, overtaking him for the first time although Ianonne returned it on the next corner. The Spaniard tried it on the next lap with the same result, but in a final masterly lap he overtook Ianonne with an incredible exterior.

A thrown Iannone tried a last interior on Márquez that made him leave very open and lose the slipstream of the leader of the World, who achieved his third victory of the season, with Iannone second and Scott Redding third in his second consecutive podium, after winning the game to Tito Rabat.

Toni Elias, 9th, was back in the top 10, with Simón 14th, Terol 17th, Cardús 18th and Rosell 25th, while Pons did not finish the race.

After this race, Márquez leads with 127 points over Iannone, with 104 and Espargaró and Luthi, with 96.

José Manuel G. Tamajón


MotoGP Netherlands 2012: Marc Márquez demonstrates his quality and extends distances

Fully favorable weather conditions, a circuit with multiple overtaking points and Marc Márquez and Pol Espargaró in the first two places on the grid. Interesting is little for what we could have seen in this race. Neither of the two are willing to save anything, and this was shown by Marquez going to the ground at the end of the qualifiers after having marked a tiempazo that left Espargaró almost half a second behind.

A tremendous pity the fall of Pol Espargaró in the second round going first deprived us of seeing a new duel of titans. Pol wanted to pull hard from the start to break the group and remove enemies until the fast left in the fourth deep a pothole caused the bike to move more than the account and closing the direction causing an inevitable fall that destroyed his Kalex.

It was not exactly a boring race, with an Andrea Iannone that was back on track and wanted to make a race of his likes, escaping from the start after getting rid of Dominique Aegerter who was first placed when he reached the first corner but it was losing steam as the laps advanced. The war behind between Scott Redding and Marc Márquez favored the escape of Iannone, opening a gap that came to almost three and a half seconds.

Again and again Scott Redding neutralized Marc Marquez’s attempts to go for Andrea Iannone. Redding did not want to lose his options and leaving Marquez to get in front would mean goodbye to second place, but finally had to give in to the impetus of Márquez, who managed to get second and start shooting. Taking advantage of the embarrassment of the British Tito Rabat, who had been coming from the eleventh position on the grid, overtook him and placed third.

On lap 12 the difference between Andrea Iannone and Marc Márquez was 3.2 seconds and until round number 15 that difference did not start to fall. Iannone had some kind of problem or error and Marc scratched him seven tenths. From there about five tenths per lap were falling until with four laps to go Márquez tries to overtake the Italian, who returns the play immediately, the same thing happening on the next lap, and Márquez, who today seemed to take things with calm, waited until the end of the line of the last lap for a very risky maneuver pass him out.

Andrea Iannone holds his composure and returns to overtake Marc Márquez, but there are no things left and our Spaniard in a new hack leaves composed and without victory to Iannone, who stays off the hook a few meters, the just to leave the monster of the category crossing the finish line alone Tito Rabat finally yielded to the thrust and desire of the always spectacular Scott Redding who got third and it seems that after the injection of courage of the previous appointment in his land now no longer comes down in the last part of the races.