(*) Like Nivea balls

STOP … To the pits I have something to tell you.

I poke the keys that will shape today’s jump and jump post from the Vincenzo Agusta Crossroads in Malpensa (Italy), where Husqvarna has brought the press of half the world to present his Off Road range for 2013.

What will you say … Do you want to give us envy or what? Well the truth is that it was meant to be an excuse to excuse my blogging absence from last week, but the truth is that I read it again and it sounds more hesitant than apology, but not to delete it and start again …

Anyway, to the mess.

The fact is that, last week, I heard in the mouth of a friend the inelegant expression that gives title to this blog making a no less elegant reference to the size of male attributes, and I, still influenced by the last round that Marquez starred in Silverstone trying to break Redding, I automatically awarded it to Marc.

Marc Márquez is becoming, step by step, the prototype of a charismatic pilot that everyone, those who win and those who do not, want to be. A driver can win race after race and never achieve that coveted charisma, another may never have won and, nevertheless, be the owner of that star. Marc has everything …

… because he is a winner. I think it was precisely at a Silverstone two years ago when, referring to the struggle he had just had with Pol Espargaró – who else? – he said that “here we will have to stand firm”, a whole declaration of principles that let see a kid capable of devastating his rivals as he did in 125 of 2010.
… because he fights against rivals, against his motorcycle and against the circuit. After the death of Simoncelli, Herrero Senior said that the Italian was one of those few pilots who did not make amorphous races, that is, formless races. No ‘little trains’ of pilots that consume 30 laps without a single attack, braking, or departure from the line that gives emotion to what we are seeing. Well that’s what I see in every race of Marc, a driver capable of improvising a line, crossing the bike on the piano or try to go almost to the ground to stay a position later.
… because he wins races. It has nothing to do with the first point, I do not need a driver to win all the races to see what a winner has inside. But in addition to being a full-blown winner and not making amorphous races, Marc wins. His natural position is the first and, after three races – Le Mans, Montmeló, Silverstone – without climbing the highest step, play a pasta that wins in Assen would be very risky.
Being the possessor of only one of these three arguments could be enough reason for any pilot to reach “the charisma”, so Marc, who besides having all three adds the fact of showing off some excellent forms when he gets off the motorbike, has become at 20 years old and without having even stepped MotoGP in a key ‘influence’ in the future of the championship, capable at the same time of helping to turn Moto2 into the best category of the World Championship, of keeping in tense waiting at factories in the expectation of their movements for next year, and also to make a whole Dorna modify its strong regulations so that Marc can access an official motorcycle in its first year. By the way, the latter is said only in 20 words but it is very heavy … sorry, mu jebi. Nor Valentino has achieved something like that.

So, for what he has achieved, for what he is achieving and for what he has left to prove to us … Friends, we have the immense fortune of having been born and living with a pilot who has them … (*)

And for today that is all. Start, accelerate … & GO.