Rejected the appeal of Pol against Márquez


The CDI met in Assen and listened to the versions offered by the two pilots. There are no changes in the overall Moto2.

The CDI, the court that had to instruct the appeal to lift the sanction to Marc Márquez regarding the incident with Pol Espargaró in Montmeló, met a few moments ago in Assen. There, its members heard the two versions offered by both pilots.

After hearing their visions of the accident and deliberating, the CDI chose to ignore the claim imposed by the HP Pons Tuenti team. That means that Marc Márquez maintains the 16 points he achieved thanks to his third place in Montmeló.

The CDI rejects the appeal of the Pons 40 HP Tuenti

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The International Court of Appeals of the FIM (CDI) has rejected on Wednesday the appeal filed by the Pons 40 HP Tuenti team after the annulment of the penalty to Marc Márquez in the Moto2 ™ race played at the Circuit de Catalunya.

The FIM CDI, represented by the independent lawyer František Schulmann, held a hearing at 2:00 p.m. (local time) on a case surrounding the incident that took place during the Moto2 ™ race at the Gran Premi Aperol de Catalunya, in which the driver Pol Espargaró (Pons 40 HP Tuenti) went to the ground and was out of the race in the final phase of the same after a clash with Marc Márquez (CatalunyaCaixa Repsol).

Shortly after the incident, the Race Direction imposed a 60-second sanction on Márquez for driving irresponsibly, causing danger for the pilot Pol Espargaró, which meant in his opinion a violation of article 1.21.2 of the World Championship Regulations. FIM 2012. Márquez’s team filed an appeal with the FIM’s commissioners, who did not confirm the decision of the Race Directorate and revoked the sanction. Márquez added some valuable points in the race and Espargaró was left without any.

The Pons HP 40 Tuenti team then decided to file an appeal with the CDI FIM, since it considered that the ruling went against the criteria that prevailed in the World Championship and that its driver was prejudiced against his rival in the fight for the Title.

After the appeal hearing held today in Assen, in which Mr. Schulmann, Espargaró and Sito Pons have been present, the decision of the CDI FIM has been to ratify the decision adopted by the FIM commissioners and to maintain therefore that Márquez did not incur in no sanctionable action.