MotoGP Qatar 2012: Where to watch it on television

Come, go, confess. It’s true, you had as much desire as I did to start the season once. Since November it has been very long and although in Motorpasión Moto we have tried to keep up with all the news of MotoGP, news and training of preseason, there is nothing like a race weekend.

And so that the wait is a little shorter, the training of the Qatar Grand Prix of MotoGP start a day earlier, specifically on Thursday so you have a couple of days to get everything ready and be able to have free afternoons to sit in front of the TV because remember that here you run at night. How I like those images of red brake discs …

You can see the broadcast times and the chains below. In addition to Energy and Telecinco, you can follow live online through mitele:

Thursday 5:
(FP1) Moto3 free practice: 17:00 (Energy)
(FP1) Free practice Moto2: 17:55 (Energy)
(FP1) MotoGP free practice: 18:55 (Energy)
(FP2) Moto3 Free Practice: 19:55 (Energy)
(FP2) Free practice Moto2: 20:50 (Energy)

Friday 6:
(FP2) MotoGP free practice: 17:00 (Energy)
(FP3) Moto3 free practice: 18:00 (Energy)
(FP3) Free practice Moto2: 18:55 (Energy)
(FP3) MotoGP free practice: 19:55 (Energy)

Saturday 7:
(QP) Moto3 timed practice: 17:00 (Telecinco)
(QP) Moto2 timed practice: 17:55 (Telecinco)
(QP) MotoGP timed practice: 18:55 (Telecinco)
(WUP) Warm Up Moto3: 20:20 (Telecinco)
(WUP) Warm Up Moto2: 20:55 (Energy)

Sunday 8:
(WUP) Warm Up MotoGP: 17:00 (Telecinco)
(RAC) Moto3 Race: 18:00 (Telecinco)
(RAC) Moto2 Race: 19:15 (Telecinco)
(RAC) MotoGP race: 21:00 (Telecinco)