Marc Márquez: “You have to take 100% out of every situation”

After the interviews with Dani Pedrosa and Casey Stoner, it is the turn of questions to the current leader of the Moto2 category: Marc Márquez. The current world sub-champion of the intermediate category has already signed his contract to replace next year Casey Stoner in MotoGP and analyzes the first part of the season.

His assessment is positive, between eight and eight and a half notes. Once saved the pitfall of having started the season without training on the bike due to their eye problems, and adaptation to other circuits where they were not competitive from the beginning, the championship is going pretty well.

But logically you can not rest on the laurels, especially with riders like Pol Espargaró, which he sees very regular as well as the Swiss Thomas Luthi. And without forgetting the Italian Andrea Iannone, who when he has everything in place, is a very difficult opponent.

As recognized by Valentino Rossi, in those circuits where you do not find the right set-up, you have to take 100% out of every situation.

I leave you with the interview with Marc Márquez in text and video, which is always appreciated to see the gestures and hear the tone of the interviewee’s voice:

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After half World, you are a leader with 34 points of advantage, 4 victories, 3 other podiums and one position in the Repsol Honda Team for next year. Can you ask for more?
No the truth is no. The first part of the championship has gone very well; in some circuits it has cost us more and we have suffered a bit, but in general I think we have done a great job. The first races, which are the ones that worried us most because I did not have a preseason, we had a good grade. The following races were difficult again, but in general I think we have to make a very positive assessment. In addition, the announcement in Mugello that next year I will be in MotoGP was great news for all; It is a dream that will come true next year and I have to thank Mr. Nakamoto.

The repercussion that the announcement of your future in MotoGP and the Repsol Honda Team has had, does it make you feel more pressure?
No, I had and I have very clear where my head must be, which is in Moto2. With this repercussion you have to live together, it is normal for people to ask, to be interested … this is good. It is true that on Thursday Mugello was a boom with the press, I was quite busy, but in the end, when everything happened, my head was in Moto2 and I am very clear that my goal is to win this year to go up in category having achieved the title .

What note do you put on the first half of the championship?
“This is very relative and depends on many things but in a global, I would put an 8 or an 8.5, because although we have done many things well, there are others where we have failed a bit and this we have to improve. But the important thing is that compared to last year, we have improved regularity a lot, which is a very important aspect towards the end of the championship. ”

Last year the situation was the opposite, you were behind, cutting. What has changed in 365 days?
Basically, I have more experience and I know the category better. Last year I had four zeros in the box and this year only one, and it was in water, that is, we have to be happy but without lowering our guard. The others also go very fast, as could be seen in Mugello. When I did not find myself completely comfortable with the bike I suffer a bit and in a situation like that, last year I would have fallen, but this time I was fifth and added those points for the championship.

For the races that remain, what will tip the balance to decide the title?
It depends on many factors: how many races there will be in water, how many races in dry, the rivals, the circuits, how you are on the bike … We have to be happy because we are 34 points ahead in the classification and much worse would be to be behind . So it is an advantage that we have to know how to use in cases where we are not ready to fight for victory, but without getting distracted because it is a difference that in eight races is nothing.

How do you see your rivals? Who do you see stronger?
Iannone and Espargaró are the two who are strongest. Iannone is a driver who has a very fast day and Pol [Espargaró] has been quite consistent in the last races, even in practice. Luthi is also a very fast and regular driver, so it will be difficult to fight with them.

Valentino Rossi said that one of your qualities is that although sometimes you are not the fastest, you are capable of winning. It is true? How do you do that?
Yes, sometimes this happens. It may be that in a circuit you do not feel well and you are not the fastest that weekend, but in those moments you have to give the maximum and know how to play your cards. There are circuits that I get better than others, great prizes where I am the fastest and others in which no, but in any case you have to take 100% out of each situation.

The red lights go out and you see a starting grid with Pedrosa, Lorenzo, Rossi, and Marc Márquez. Do you believe it?
[Smiles] Not now but next year hopefully; if nothing changes, it will come true.

If you close your eyes, do you see yourself dressed like Stoner and Pedrosa, riding a MotoGP? Do you feel tickling in your stomach?
If I’m honest, I do not feel anything now. I suppose that when the last Grand Prix finishes in Valencia and I am about to test the bike, I will have tickles and nerves, but now I am very clear that the head is centered on Moto2 and next year will come.

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