CEV Buckler Moto3: Alex Marquez marks pole and distance over the rest

After the fiasco of the first appointment of the CEV Buckler in Jerez, where we remember broke the engine of his Honda Monlau, Alex Márquez has taken out his stripes making it clear that he is the top favorite to the title, marking a stratospheric time of 1: 48.528 that has awarded the pole with a difference of 0.778 over his Italian teammate Bagnaia.

The first timed practice sessions were played at 9 o’clock in the morning with the circuit totally wet after the night rains and the pilots did not fall below 1:56. In these conditions the German Amato was the fastest with Marquez second and the revelation of the championship, the third Medina malagueño. The most significant was the fall of Maria Herrera, who finished seventh in these conditions, giving a blow to the shoulder that would reduce their performance in the second round.

The second session started in the same conditions, but in the middle of the session the sun came out timidly and the track, with an exceptional asphalt, dried up in the last fifteen minutes of the timed, which in the end would give the final times of the grid .

In those moments Márquez began to lower his times without anyone being able to overshadow him while the changes in the top ten positions were continuous, with the British Rogers being the one who will accompany the two Monlau riders in the first row of the grid but almost a second on pole

The German Amato was finally fourth, with the other Italian from Monlau, Baldassarri and the Murcian from Wild Wolf Guevara completing the second row.

Medina, McPhee, Ryan and Ramírez from Cádiz close the top ten finishers and as for the girls Ana Carrasco finished 17th, María Herrera 25th and Montse Costa 32nd.

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