Alex Márquez was going for the first victory of the season

Brilliant debut of the CEV Buckler in Navarra

The Circuit of Navarra has had a magnificent christening today in terms of high level motorcycle competition, the CEV Buckler, offering good racing, stable weather and more than respectable public attendance that will rethink the “total free” that until now it reigned in our national championship.

Stock Extreme opened the day with an exciting race in which Carmelo Morales has achieved his first victory in the return to the category of the hand of Laglisse from Madrid. Suzuki Speed ​​Racing driver Adrián Bonastre took the lead at the start, taking with him Forés and his BMW Motorrad, opening a small gap on Morales and Barragan, Morales had a touch with Del Amor in the first round that led to the Laglisse pilot to apologize to Suzuki in the middle of the race. While head Bonastre and Forés fought for the first position, the duo chasing the Kawasaki, Morales and Barragán pilots began to cut differences with the head of the race.

Forés took advantage in the middle of the race, leaving Bonastre somewhat off the hook, but some doubles made a foursome with Forés, Morales and Barragán, while Bonastre lost comba. So we lived an electrifying last lap in which Morales took the victory by making a spectacular overtaking to Forés, completing the Kawasaki Palmeto driver, Santi Barragan the podium. The Argentine Marcos Solorza, also from Kawasaki Palmeto, was also on the podium as the first private driver.

They completed the top ten classified Bonastre, Amor, Smith, Solorza, Alarte, Alarcos and Santamaria.

Stock Extreme Race Classification

Next was Moto2, in which we enjoyed a race that decided his three podium places in the last lap, race that until the final outcome was more tactics and blackboard than hand-to-hand fighting.

The Navarrese Mariñelarena, with the Suter of the Aragonese team CNS left like a howitzer from the pole and enjoyed a lead of just over three seconds in just four laps over Ramos, with the Ariane of the Motorrad and Torres, with the Suter of the Laglise , until Torres printed a strong rhythm in the middle of the race, being the only one to go down by 1:42 and began little by little to separate from Ramos and to iron out the differences with Mariñelarena. Further back the Malaysian Syahrin with the FTR Petronas, Kenny Noyes with Suter and the winner of the first appointment in Jerez, Dani Rivas, with the Kalex of the Galicia School formed an entertaining trio, which ended with the fall of Rivas.

Noyes was chasing Ramos and was third with seven laps to go, keeping the Spaniard to his slipstream. To four of the end Torres reached Mariñelarena and stayed at his wheel studying him to launch his attack on the last lap and overtake him after the first victory of the season. Ramos was behind Noyes in the last corner but Kenny managed to get out of the corner faster and he returned it to Ramos on the same finish line to take the last place on the podium.

The “top ten” was closed by Koyama, Santi Hernandez, Odendaal, Raffin, Mora and Aquino, after the disqualification for irregularities of the Malaysian Syahrin, who had finished fifth.

Moto2 race classification

Moto3 did not want to be less spectacular and although Márquez has left in a few laps, getting to shoot in 1: 48.0, times unattainable for the rest of the drivers, the group that has fought for the podium has given us a fight without quarter.

While Márquez was in a for the first victory of the season, after the mechanical problem with his Honda Monlau in Jerez, the Medina Medina, the German Amato, the Italian Bagnaia and the English Mcphee formed an international group that fought for the podium until the last lap, in which Medina went to the ground when he had at hand second place, leaving the pilot of Monlau Pecco Bagnaia with John Mcphee occupying the third place in the box. Amato, Ramírez, Rogers, Baldassarri, Ottl, Watanabe and Vierge close the top ten.

The most unfortunate thing of the weekend was the loss due to the injury, produced yesterday in training, by María Herrera, who finally has the damaged scapula and the doctors venture that she will have at least 4 weeks in the dry dock.

Moto3 race classification

As for the Kawasaki Ninja Cup, Hugo Martinez beat ahead of Palau and Poyatos, with the Andorran Habib, winner of the previous one in Jerez, in fifth position.

Race classification Kawasaki Ninja Cup

After this second appointment of the CEV Buckler Morales in Extreme, Torres in Moto2 and Ottl in Moto3 lead their respective general classifications. Also note that the vast majority of pilots showed on the grid, in one way or another, their unconditional support for Joan Lascorz.

The next appointment, at Motorland Aragón on May 27, do not miss it!