Álex Márquez is already the Spanish Moto3 2012 champion

Álex Márquez had options to become Spain’s Moto3 champion in this Albacete race and that’s how it was. Albert Arenas from the pole saw how a marabunta of pilots accompanied him throughout the race. Hyuga Watanabe and Juanfran Guevara got hooked in some very exciting fights. On the other hand, Luca Amato had to push to get close to Álex Márquez in the general and forced too much out by ears in a pretty ugly fall.

This situation enabled Álex Márquez to proclaim himself champion by getting only 9 points. Even knowing that comfortable situation, Álex Márquez fought with John McPhee and Fraser Rogers and entered fourth to make up for 2011 and become the first Spanish Moto3 champion.

Watanabe also suffered an ugly fall when trying to escape. In the end, Juanfran Guevara won the race, although with a Francesco Bagnaia on the wheel, which had culminated a great comeback thanks to his constant race pace. Albert Arenas was third on the podium of Moto3 in the Circuit de Albacete.