They try to steal Marc Márquez’s scooter, what TV does not teach

When I started reading, I did not know whether to laugh or cry. It turns out that three “youngsters” stole the scooter that Marc Márquez uses to move around the paddock … when he was celebrating his second world championship. As a joke, like that thief who had the great idea of ​​appropriating a sprinter’s sports bag and running away. An action that does nothing but reflect the harsh reality of the Motorcycle Grand Prix.

These three characters were stopped before leaving the circuit, I imagine the trio got on the scooter discussing:

I told you to take the Motojepé!
Nano, what about this we put a Yasuni and flipas!
Apart from the anecdotal, as I said, this is the day to day of the GP. Scores of high-displacement bikes are stolen during the previous weeks throughout the peninsula and then blown before the screaming of the personal drunkard. And it is that in the past GP of Valencia the Civil Guard had to intervene up to 500 times stopping a dozen people: four for altercations, two for stealing a motorcycle, two others for overcoming the BAC, one for driving without permission and the three protagonists of today.