The duel Rossi-Márquez eclipses the incontestable victory of Lorenzo

The champion gave no options in a race in which it became clear that Valentino is back and Marc is a serious candidate for the title

Laura Ramos | 07.04.2013 | 22: 10h

This MotoGP World Championship had generated many expectations, as it had not happened for a long time, and when seen, they were more than justified. Four men, five if you include Cal Crutchlow, fight for the throne that Jorge Lorenzo began to defend with forcefulness with an easy victory, surely much more than he himself thought.

The champion took the hammer out of the backpack and put dirt in from the first round. It went well, he closed the door to Dani Pedrosa and started shooting in impossible times for the rest. Valentino Rossi realized this and, in an attempt to follow his teammate, it was long. That relegated him to seventh place. He ran into Bradl and lost a time that with nine laps to go seemed impossible to overcome … but Rossi is not one of those who give up.

In the distance, the nine-time world champion watched as Dani Pedrosa commanded a trio that included Cal Crutchlow and Marc Márquez. The Cervera paid inexperience and went wrong, he had to come back as Valentino, but as soon as he connected with both he made it clear that he was not going to settle for fourth in his first MotoGP race. He went to the British as lightning with a braking in extremis that left the Yamaha satellite of Tech3 without reaction and was hooked on his teammate.

Márquez, who in Moto2 already proved to be a very intelligent driver, studied Pedrosa during a few laps. He followed his wheel as he could not do on Saturday and tried once. Nothing. He waited again and with six laps to go, he did not give the option to the race. He squeezed hard, who knows if he was warned that Valentino Rossi was arriving like an exhale. He took a few meters of advantage and let the Italian fight with Crutchlow and Pedrosa. They lasted just one lap and both engaged in a short but intense exchange of blows that overshadowed the incontestable victory of a Lorenzo who was seven seconds behind his pursuers.

Rossi overtook Marc, Marc did not dwarf Valentino and returned the attack. The experience, however, eventually prevailed. “It is a bone that is too hard to crack, it has a lot of experience, I only hope to reach its level little by little”, admitted a more than satisfied Márquez when getting off the bike. I had achieved it. As Lorenzo and Pedrosa went to the podium in his first race in the premier class. The Castellar, however, was not happy. In the first battle he had been knocked out. The World Cup will be hard for everyone and starting well was fundamental. The podium full of moral to its members, who played a lot in the Losail circuit. The next stop will be Austin, a circuit unknown to everyone and in the Márquez already demonstrated what he was capable of. As in Qatar. He does not know what fear or respect is. If he can, he will seek victory.