The best fans in the world

The best fans in the world
The Grand Prix of València that will take place this weekend will be the final round of the 2015 MotoGP World Championship. It has been a very exciting year, with a lot of memorable arrels in the three categories, with champions from different countries and the MotoGP title still to be decided on Sunday 8 November. There is not much more fans of two wheels could ask for.

We were born in Cervera in 2010 for the love of the sport and the passion that a young driver aroused in us. A driver who has been world champion four times and with which we identify with their values ​​and personality. This season will not be possible for Marc to fight for the title at the last event on the calendar, but we will go to València with the same pride es always, or even more.

But this letter is not addressed exclusively to the fans of our rider; it is aimed at all fans of the athletes that make MotoGP grills. From the Official Fan Club of Marc Márquez we want to appeal to all fans coming to Xest. We want to Encourage all lovers of this sport to say lose the focus. Think of the future, let ‘s go ALL to València to enjoy a great weekend, enjoy from our riders, from the great atmosphere we have always enjoyed there. That every fan, whatever rider he supports, encourages his pilot until Exhaustion, but most importantly, that we do not lose control nor respect for anyone.

This weekend in Xest, I Encourage you to show to the world that we the motorcycle fans are THE BEST FANS OF THE WORLD no matter what rider we support.

Ramon Marquez
President of the Official Fan Club Marc Márquez