Repsol MotoGP Championship 2012

Once again renewing its commitment to high virtual competition, Repsol presents the II Repsol MotoGP National Championship in the Fnac Castellana Forum space. The championship has become the national reference of the virtual competition of motorcycling.

The competition, which will be played with the Koch Media MotoGP 10/11 video game, aims to unite the thousands of fans of this sport through a tour in FNAC centers, where all players can enjoy the competition and show that they are the real motor aces.

As an additional attraction, the Repsol MotoGP National Championship will feature an online tournament in parallel to the face-to-face competition, whose winners will measure their strength in the grand final, which will take place in Madrid at Fnac Callao.

Sign up here and participate in the online competition. Just by registering you will enter the draw for an Xbox 360 signed by Dani Pedrosa and Stoner. The online competition will begin on April 29.

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