Nothing water the party to Marquez

The pilot beats the record of Agostini, the only one so far who had achieved the eight initial wins of a season.

He crossed the finish line and swam. He swam as the frogs swim. He did it because he is happy, because he has won everything, because even the rain that he unloaded on the circuit of Assen minutes before the start of the race would be enough to spoil the party. He did it and it was a fun metaphor, since nothing in abundance: eight races, eight victories. And it continues to break records, presenting itself to myths. This time it was Giacomo Agostini who had the pleasure. The Italian was the only one (so far) who had achieved eight initial wins of a season. He did it in 1971. And this Saturday Marc Márquez was at his height with an intelligent and daring career at the same time. The leader of the World Cup does not shy away from the body even in the most difficult conditions. Their superiority in the track and in the classification table allow it. His nerves, ice, do not succumb to an indecisive grill. His ambition, the same as always, does not loosen as much as it seems to have no rivals in this World Cup.

It must have been a different race than this Saturday. And it was according to the script, although it ended up looking a lot like those of the last months. Not in vain was Márquez willing to show his talent and courage in search of a new victory. So he did not allow Dovizioso to escape, aggressive since the traffic light went off, driven by that Ducati that seems to transform as soon as a few drops of rain fall. But Marquez showed him the wheel in the ninth corner of the second turn and passed him in the tenth. The thing would get complicated with the passage of the laps, but, as always, he found the solution. I was in the chicane, in that last couple of very fast corners before the finish line.

“You’re never ready for this kind of racing, but in the end it’s quite easy for me”

The downpour that fell just before the test began had forced the application of the emergency protocol designed ad hoc for this grand prize, so everything was delayed and the visits to the pit lane and the reconnaissance laps multiplied to a track that was It was pretty wet. All decided to fit the rain tires except two daring: Rossi and Pol Espargaró. But the audacity lasted little, the short time it took to drop four more drops. So they changed again and started the race from the tail while Dovizioso (left seventh) placed his Ducati in the lead to guide the Honda of Márquez and Pedrosa down the tortuous road ahead.

The first laps showed a group of pretty fearful riders. It does not warn the motorcycle when the asphalt is wet, so you had to be careful. The times were nonsense. Until on the sixth lap, with the track quite dry (at least it was the lane that marked the good line), the two drivers who were leading, Márquez and Dovizioso, got into the pit lane to return to the smooth tires . They were almost all followed. Except, for example, Lorenzo, who was riding seventh and very cautiously and who seemed to make all the bad decisions in this circuit that has given him so many good times. He wanted to endure with the striped tires one more lap and when he returned he did it in the 13th position, position in which he finished although he got to shoot the 16th.

Márquez celebrates the victory in Assen. / JERRY LAMPEN (EFE)

Neither Rossi had been brilliant initially, but as soon as the lights went out he started to climb positions and, after all the chaos, he achieved a valuable fifth place. It was exceptional, however, the fight between Pedrosa and Espargaró, who defended himself more than well with rain and without it, in this circuit of fast curves that he likes so much, to believe that maybe, someday, not only can he fight with a Official Honda, but even beat him. It was not this time. Pedrosa has brought out his aggressive vein with magnificent interiors and did not plan to give up the podium easily.

While they went over and over again, Marquez argued with his pepito cricket. I had been thinking about the importance of defending the championship when the track was not for jokes or children’s games, but after a few laps he thought: now, with a good tire and a dry track, why not try it? He went with some misgivings because just after returning to the track with the smooth tires he left the track and gave up the first position, but he came back so close to that Ducati that it would not have been very typical of a guy like him not to try. And he tried. There were 10 laps left. Too many to put up with Dovi’s wheel without making him an interior. So he took advantage of the change of direction of the chicane. The rest was sewing and singing. “You’re never ready for this kind of racing, but in the end it’s been pretty easy for me,” he acknowledged. Now, for the ninth.

Álex Márquez chains his second consecutive victory

Álex Márquez beat the Moto3 event with great authority to reengage in the fight for the title. He was favored by the falls of Miller and Fenati. Rins could be second after passing Oliveira in the final chicane.

At the start, Miller kept the first place and tried to shoot. He had already warned that he would seek to imitate Álex Márquez and his escape from Montmeló. The one of Cervera stuck to him and the Australian, when forcing went to the ground he alone. He could not return. In addition, Fenati made a straight and returned 30º.
The Italian soon began a desperate and spectacular hunt. He passed 16 drivers in two laps and joined the pursuer group, but he fell back when he was eighth. He returned to the track, but could not score. A stick because he had the lead shot.

Ahead, Rins chased Álex Márquez after the ilerdense went a little long at the end of the straight. However, the Barcelonan passed him, but it was ephemeral, the pace of Marc’s brother was superior and he escaped again.

Oliveira left the group and caught Rins. Alex, aching in his foot, did not let him go and risked an overtaking at the final moment. He achieved it masterfully.

The general now tightens a lot. Miller continues leading with Fenati to seven points, but Álex Márquez puts himself at that distance and Rins, just 10.