MotoGP Qatar 2013: where to watch it on tv

Finally kicks off one of the most anticipated seasons of the MotoGP World Championship. How could it be otherwise, we have the 2013 Qatar Grand Prix just around the corner and the best thing is that, to remove the monkey, starts on Thursday and so we have only a couple of days to get under full in action

Many uncertainties but at the same time, many things clear. The fight for victory is going to be a matter not of three but of four as we have seen in preseason with a fifth on the Yamaha of the Tech 3 team that they neglect can give some shock.

Be careful with the opening hours of the new classification system we already talked about and now we will have to be a little more time stuck to the screen. If you do not remember how it is, I recommend you read our article.

You can see the broadcast times and the chains below. In addition to Energy and Telecinco, you can follow live online through mitele:

Thursday 4:

(FP1) Moto3 free practice: 17:00 (Energy)
(FP1) Free practice Moto2: 17:55 (Energy)
(FP1) MotoGP free practice: 18:55 (Energy)
(FP2) Moto3 Free Practice: 19:55 (Energy)
(FP2) Free practice Moto2: 20:50 (Energy)

Friday, 8:

(FP2) MotoGP free practice: 17:00 (Energy)
(FP3) Moto3 free practice: 18:00 (Energy)
(FP3) Free practice Moto2: 18:55 (Energy)
(FP3) MotoGP free practice: 19:55 (Energy)

Saturday 9:

(QP) Moto3 timed practice: 17:00 (Energy)
(QP) Moto2 timed practice: 17:55 (Energy)
(FP4) MotoGP Free Practice: 18:55 (Energy)
(QP1) Timed practice 1 MotoGP: 19:35 (Telecinco)
(QP2) Qualifying 2 MotoGP Training: 20:00 (Telecinco)
(WUP) Warm Up Moto3: 20:40 (Energy)
(WUP) Warm Up Moto2: 21:15 (Energy)

Sunday 7:

(WUP) Warm Up MotoGP: 17:00 (Telecinco)
(RAC) Moto3 Race: 18:00 (Telecinco)
(RAC) Moto2 race: 19:20 (Telecinco)
(RAC) MotoGP race: 21:00 (Telecinco)