MotoGP Japan 2012: Marc Márquez’s performance during the warm-up

The truth is that this event has not transcended too much in the media but it turns out that during the warm-up of Moto2 in the Japanese Grand Prix, Marc Márquez had to save a fall after having impacted his arm against an object in the vicinity of one of the pianos. This object, one of the cameras that the organization placed at ground level to take images of the passage through the curve, was literally torn off by the elbow of Marc Márquez when he hit it at about 100 km / h.

Immediately Marc Márquez began to feel a very strong pain in the arm and to lose sensitivity in the hand. A turn later the box entered and when removing the monkey he discovered that his arm had swollen. In the Mobile Clinic they injected him with an anti-inflammatory in the arm to be able to dispute the race that began in a few hours. Luckily during the race it did not bother him too much.

These cameras are usually located before the start of the pianos, either embedded in the asphalt or grass and about 40 centimeters from the track. But when you search until the last thousandth, you are obliged to cut back even in impossible places. And this was almost about to cost him the race.

If I already said that these of sticking with the elbow had its danger …