MotoGP Indianapolis 2015: where to watch it on television

The MotoGP World Championship returns to activity after the summer break. And it does it to the other side of the Atlantic on the occasion of the Great Prize of Indianapolis, a race that by tradition has not been given anything bad to the Spaniards.

Again this will be one of the races that we can not see live those who do not have the MotoGP videopass or Movistar TV. Therefore and if they maintain the schedules of the last year, the races will be issued from twelve o’clock at night and probably in reverse order to the usual one, with what we will start with the main course, MotoGP. Next, you have the schedules and chains available.

Friday 7:
(FP1) Moto3 free practice: 15:00
(FP1) MotoGP Free Practice: 15:55
(FP1) Moto2 free practice: 16:55
(FP2) Moto3 free practice: 19:10
(FP2) MotoGP free practice: 20:05
(FP2) Moto2 free practice: 21:05
Saturday 8:
(FP3) Moto3 free practice: 15:00
(FP3) MotoGP Free Practice: 15:55
(FP3) Moto2 Free Practice: 16:55
(QP) Moto3 timed practice: 18:35
(FP4) MotoGP Free Practice: 19:30
(QP1) Qualifying 1 MotoGP Training: 20:10
(QP2) Qualified timed practice 2 MotoGP: 20:35
(QP) Moto2 timed practice: 21:05
Sunday 9:
(WUP) Warm Up Moto3: 14:40
(WUP) Warm Up Moto2: 15:10
(WUP) Warm Up MotoGP: 15:40
(RAC) Moto3 Race: 17:00
(RAC) Moto2 Race: 18:20
(RAC) MotoGP race: 20:00
Monday 10:
(RAC) MotoGP race in deferred: 00:00 (Telecinco)
(RAC) Moto2 race in deferred: 01:00 (Telecinco)
(RAC) Moto3 race in deferred: 02:00 (Telecinco)