Moto2 Márc Márquez is from this planet?

This kid’s thing is worthy of study, because without practicing pre-season because of an absurd accident in the disastrous Malaysian GP 2011 Márc Márquez has already presented his candidacy for the World Championship again in the first two races of this 2012 season, and unless Thomas Luthino seems that nobody is going to make him shade this year. Hey, what’s another Spanish driver in the ointment? Of course, Pol Espargaró is there, but the little one of the Espargaró is a pilot who, in his passage through 125, already showed that he is something inconstant and easily influenced by the bad results. So to date we can only classify it as an aspirant to make some shade for the new sun that heats the category.

In that second group of the most disputed category of the last decade we can include a few more riders, but its lack of consistency and the madness that Moto2 supposes makes it almost impossible to guess even the second place. Because in a race you see a driver in front and in the next you are beyond the tenth position without an apparent explanation (at least seeing it from outside the team). And this is true for national pilots as well as for the rest. Does anyone explain why Andrea Iannonne is able to finish in Qatar at 61 thousandths of the winner and in Jerez finish at 31 seconds? I do not believe that meteorology is a valid excuse.

So seeing this, my forecast for this race is:

1.- Marc Márquez
2.- Thomas Luthi
3.- Pol Espargaró.
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