Monster Energy Grand Prix de France

The fifth GP of the season, the second in Europe, lands in the historical tracks of Le Mans, França.



Friday 2015.05.15

09.00-09.40h: Moto3 FP1

09.55-10.40h: MotoGP FP1

10.55-11.40h: Moto2 FP1

13.10-13.50h: Moto3 FP2

14.05-14.50h: MotoGP FP2

15.05-15.50h: Moto2 FP2

Saturday 2015.05.16

09.00-09.40h: Moto3 FP3

09.55-10.40h: MotoGP FP3

10.55-11.40h: Moto2 FP3

12.35-13.15h: Moto3 QP

13.30-14.00h: MotoGP FP4

14.10-14.25h: MotoGP QP1

14.35-14.50h: MotoGP QP2

15.05-15.50h: Moto2 QP

Sunday 2015.05.17

08.40-09.00h: Moto3 Warm Up

09.10-09.30h: Moto2 Warm Up

09.40-10.00h: MotoGP Warm Up

11: 00h: Carrera Moto3

12: 20h: Carrera Moto2

14: 00h: Carrera MotoGP