Marquez wins Espargaró in a spectacular final round

Spectacular victory of Marc Márquez in the Moto2 race, the Cervera driver has today added in Estoril his second win of the season in a last frantic lap, fairing with fairing with Pol Espargaró, who in the end was second after saving a fall in the chicane of the Portuguese route. Thomas Luthi has completed the podium of the Portuguese Grand Prix in the intermediate category.

The last six laps of the race, scheduled to 26 laps, have been a hand in hand between Marc and Pol, who after getting rid of the Swiss Luthi, who has commanded the practical totality of the first twenty laps, have gone forward in search Victory. Marc, who had the pole and a hellish rhythm, was leading the race, but Pol was very close to his rear wheel, so much so that on lap 20 and 21 the distance was 0.0, on 22 they both made the same time (1.41) .023) and in the 23rd Espargaró has rolled in 1.41.171 by 1.41.227 of Márquez, more equal, impossible.

With both drivers rolling almost in parallel in the step by goal the last lap has started, in which Pol has made the most of the braking at the end of the straight to overcome, for the first time, Marc, who has closed the first corner happened again. From here fairing with fairing have passed twice, but Marc was more on the site, while Pol was moving the bike very much. The Granollers, in the chicane of the circuit has tried again, putting himself in front just when the bike has given him a whiplash that almost throws him to the ground, all of it a foot in front of Márquez, who has dodged him to go fired towards his Second victory of the season, after the one in Qatar.

Pol, who has saved the fall of miracle has been opened by the escape, but has been able to straighten the course and head towards the finish line, where he has passed to 1.987 seconds of Marc and only 0.084 seconds ahead of Luthi, who is almost with the gift of a second place.

With this result, Márquez extended his advantage to the front of the Moto2 World Championship, which leads with 70 points, nine more than Pol Espargaró, while Luthi is third with 43 points, ten more than Iannone, who is fourth.

The race itself has not been too fun. At the start Marc, Luthi and Pol have already started first, with Elías ninth, Simón on 12, Rabat on 18, Cardús on 19, Terol on 22 and Pons on 23. After the first step by goal and Luthi has passed to Marc and has begun to set a stronger pace. In the following laps Zarco, Redding and Iannone have joined the leading group, which has reached Elias in the sixth round. Before Zarco it happened to Pol, surpassed also by Iannone in the seventh turn.

In the eighth lap Luthi has risen a hair the pace and has passed with 0.4 of advantage over Marc by the finish line, opening a small gap that Zarco has used to pass Marc and get second, while Pol returned to Iannone .

On lap 9 the advantage of Luthi was already 0.5 seconds over Zarco, so Espargaró has decided to move forward, passing Marc and Zarzo at the end of the straight. On lap 10 Luthi’s advantage was 0.6 over Pol and Marc, while Zarco, Redding and Elías tried to connect with them after becoming a straight Iannone.

It was on lap 12 when Pol increased the pace and cut to 0.2 on Luthi, passing Marc to 0.7 of the Swiss. The three have been stuck the next three laps, until in the 15 Marc has passed to Pol and has begun to squeeze Luthi, with Espargaró closing the group head. On lap 18 Luthi has gone first, with Marc and Pol stuck and Zarco already at 3.6 seconds, Iannone at 9.4 and Rabat, who had come back to 11.6, after overtaking Simón and Elías, seventh and eighth.

With the race already broken ahead, on lap 20 Marc and Pol, from one stroke at the end of the straight, have passed cleanly to Luthi, who has not been able to follow the infernal pace of the two Spanish riders in the last six laps, that have been, without doubt, the best of the race, spectacular, exciting and, in the end, almost dramatic, a show that has reminded us a lot of the battles of these two same drivers, two years ago, in 125cc.

Emphasize the final the seventh place of Elías, the eighth of Simón, much better with the new Suter, and that Ricky Cardús, in the last round, has surpassed Nico Terol in the fight for the 15th position, which gives points for the world .



MotoGP Portugal 2012: Last round of infarction in Moto2

They continue to impress the television shots of the Moto2 groups that form at the first corners of the Estoril Circuit in this GP of Portugal 2012. Marc Márquez takes the cat to the water in the closing stages of this race with a final no suitable for cardiac. Pol Espargaró enters second position saving a whiplash of his motorcycle in the last lap in the middle of the curve. The third, Thomas Luthi, who can not with the Spanish, but the important thing is to score points for the final classification.

Race very competitive with two groups of pilots, one of four riders ahead and another of eight behind we will comment below. Mention the good performance of Johann Zarco for his fourth place taking into account that he debuts in the category. Some fall, luckily without regretting personal consequences for Yuki Takahashi, Axel Pons and Esteve Rabat. Podium for the first three leaders of the general table in this Circuit of Estoril.

In the early stages of the race, after the impressive clustering groups usual in the category, two clearly defined groups are formed. Ahead, the first group of four drivers with Thomas Luthi, Marc Márquez, Pol Espargaró and Jhoann Zarco. In just two laps they run away with an Andrea Iannone who joins the party but finally can not keep up and gets off the top four when a straight line is marked on one of the corners. Thomas Luthi is the pilot who wants to put land in between constantly but can not get away.

The head of the race prevents it. The one that in the end can not either with the rhythm that is marked is Johann Zarco that must remove the calculator to maintain the fourth position and to add some very valuable points. He remains in no man’s land while the fight ahead is disputed between Thomas Luthi, Marc Márquez and Pol Espargaró. But, as we say, there is another group of up to eight pilots behind competing for another race.

Among them we have some of ours as Julito Simón or Toni Elías, as well as Simone Corsi or Scott Redding among others. Returning to the head of the race, six laps from the end, Marc Márquez and Pol Espargaró leave behind Thomas Luthi and give us a final heart attack. They measure and test where they can apply their strategy. Pol Espargaro tries with the slipstream on the finish line but when leaving the Marc Márquez aspiration the bike stays a little stuck.

Finally after some overtaking, Pol Espargaró gets into one of the curves and his motorcycle whips him that makes Marc Márquez have to dodge him. About to go to the ground both and Pol Espargaró almost outdistance can keep the second place on the podium. Ahead Marc Márquez and in third position, Thomas Luthi.