Márquez: “The World Cup I won by risking in the last laps”

Monday, October 29, 2012

The brand new Moto2 Champion reviews in an interview the key moments of the season in which he has proclaimed himself World Champion.

The vibrant face-to-face with Pol Espargaró, the epic comeback in Japan, the harrowing recovery in winter with double vision included or the fact of withstanding the pressure of being the favorite, are moments that have marked the 2012 Moto2 World Champion’s season “Sometimes you have to pull the inner rage to win a race,” says Márquez.

Moto2 World Champion. For two years you seemed to be called to win the title, but in the end it has not been easy. Do you feel liberated?

“Yes, getting this title has been very important, I owe it to my sponsors, my family and also to Emilio Alzamora, they have put a lot of effort into me, and above all, I thank them for their support during the winter recovery. It was hard to overcome the disappointment caused by the injury, every morning I woke up in anguish thinking if that day was finally going to stop seeing double, besides that, to endure the pressure and to be labeled as a favorite is always hard. They start asking you what’s going on and doubts arise, it’s been very important to win by holding the pressure for the whole year. ”

Estoril 2010, Australia 2011, Japan 2012 … Do you like to make a comeback every year to give more excitement to the Championship …?

“More than comebacks, they are races where before I made a mistake … But if the race comes out well, everyone remembers, this year the most outstanding comeback has been without a doubt that of Japan. in this way it is a great personal reward “.

Which of them you stay?

“With the one from Japan, without a doubt, after the failure at the start I knew I was calm and that was very important, recovering from the first corner was difficult, but that gave the victory a sense”.

What was the most important moment of the season?

“There were many important moments, but the ones that were the most in the races after the summer, where I played the title with Pol [Espargaró], Indianapolis, Brno, Aragon and Japan were decisive races, in which I was face to face with He and I could not allow him to cut me points in the general, I give a lot of courage to the championship that has been won in the last laps, we have had many battles and, maybe one is not decisive, but to which you win five tests in the last round, every five points that sums contributes the necessary difference to achieve the championship “.

Any career of this year in which you have said: “I win it under my nose”?

“There have been a few, the last lap always, always, is the limit: the Estoril, the Japan, the Misano … There have been many times when I had to pull my inner rage to win a victory. career”.

Any podium flavored with victory?

“The one here, Phillip Island, we finished third, but getting the title thanks to this result makes it the best third place I’ve ever achieved.”

What has 125 taught you? And Moto2?

“125 has taught me to be fast on the bike, Moto2, on the other hand, is the category of consistency and regularity.” In Moto2 you learn to think on the bike: sometimes you can not win and you have to add the maximums possible points “.

Now we can talk about MotoGP. What will you miss from Moto2?

“MotoGP is a very different category, in Moto2 the key is in the melee and in MotoGP it is often a matter of shooting alone and the tactics and strategy of each rider are more involved. Valencia, let’s enjoy there and then we’ll start thinking about the future … ”

Doohan, Crivillé, Rossi, Stoner, Pedrosa have been in the Repsol Honda Team, and now you will arrive. What does this tell you?

“It’s a dream come true, my dream was to compete in MotoGP and make myself one of the best riders in history, to enter MotoGP and, in the first year, to be with the best team that exists, it’s a privilege. to all those who give me this opportunity, of course, I’m not going to waste it. ”

Interview courtesy of Repsol Media Service