Márquez did not stop in Albacete or eat

In the absence of official confirmation today by the team, because yesterday’s test in Albacete was behind closed doors, the long-awaited test Marc Márquez longed for on the back of the Moto2 Suter was a success for the little genius. No need to go beyond the time, which is actually the least important for a pilot who had 138 days without getting on his racing motorcycle, eyewitnesses told this newspaper that Marc was seen with much desire and quite plugged in, point that did not stop even to eat …

The 125cc champion in 2010 and current Moto2 runner-up was completely focused on his particular setup from eleven o’clock in the morning and did not finish until after four o’clock in the afternoon, with a job based on short exits to the track, between three and four laps. Those who saw him said that he did not keep anything, that he rode the bike with the usual aggressiveness and took advantage of every inch of the track, attacking from side to side as if there had been no inactivity due to vision problems double.

Yesterday was the first day of the 2012 preseason for Alzamora’s pupil. After missing the last two races of 2011, which made it much easier for the title to go to Bradl, he was not in the test at the end of November in Jerez and his absence was extended to the recent IRTA tests, during the month of February in Valencia and again Jerez. Given its successful reappearance in ‘La Torrecica’ of Albacete, which will continue today, it is normal to be reunited with its rivals on the grid in the last IRTA of Jerez, scheduled for 19, 20 and 21 March, and that is in conditions to start the season without delay on April 8, with the night races of Qatar.

On October 21, the day of his fall in Sepang, it is history, as well as the periorbital edema that produced him and brought a vertical and sequential dipoplia in the right eye, which caused double vision, especially when looking up, when it is collected inside the dome, and so it had to be intervened on January 16. What was said on Wednesday: Márquez is back. Congratulations, little genius.