Marquez and Luthi file rough edges in the Swiss box

The victory of Marc Márquez in Qatar was preceded by an overtaking, on the last lap, of Marc to the Swiss, at the end of the straight. Marc has passed, he has taken the line and Luthi has tried to keep it, so he has left the piano and has made a long, losing any chance of victory. The Swiss has taken it badly, and its mechanics, apparently, worse yet.

At the end of the race two mechanics of Luthi have appeared in the box of Márquez and have mounted a bit of scandal to shout bare, quickly Emilio Alzamora, the head of the team has calmed the spirits, has taken Marc by the hand and He has taken him to Luthi’s box, so that both of them could talk and file rough edges.

Race direction, asked for this web, has commented that all the pilots go to the limit and nobody wants to give up. Marc had already overtaken Luthi and, therefore, had the line. Thomas would have had to slow down and let him pass so he would not get off the track, that was the explanation.