Marc Márquez’s attitude, the secret of the champion told by Damiá Aguila

During the 2013 MotoGP season, we were able to see clearly the approach that Marc Márquez had given him, applying the maximum of positive attitude towards the obstacles that emerged after a career. The result could not be better. Now Damiá Aguilar, the motor specialist journalist working for Catalunya Ràdio, has collected in a book the example of the Cervera rider and a good bunch of more successful people related to the motor world or not. This book, entitled Actitud Marc Márquez, was presented last Friday at the Repsol Foundation in Madrid.

In this presentation Damiá counted on himself:

I am a specialist journalist in the engine, but I am not alien to the world that surrounds us. This is not a motorcycle book, although there are, it is a book of positive attitude. Marc Márquez draws attention because of his smile, but his attitude has made him a leader.

In the book we will find characters as diverse as Josef Ajram, Karlos Argiñano, Albert Bosch, Ramon Brugada, Àlex Crivillé, Begoña Elices, Carmelo Ezpeleta, Kilian Jornet, Joaquín Lorente, Pep Marí, Helena Miquel, Xavier Mir, Pedro Nueno, Jennifer Pareja, Dani Pedrosa, Hermanos Roca Fontané, Laura Rojas-Marcos, Luis Rojas-Marcos, Nani Roma, José Sánchez de Toledo, Daniel Sánchez Libro and Laia Sanz. In addition to Tró de Cervera, which is the “mote” that Damiá a Marquez has given him.

In the presentation they were also the author, Begoña Elices, Director General of Communication and President of Repsol; Carmelo Ezpeleta, CEO of Dorna; Laura Rojas-Marcos, psychologist and psychotherapist; and the adventurous and entrepreneur Albert Bosch. In the words of Albert Bosch:

“I am not an elite sportsman like the rest of the athletes that appear in Damià’s book, but I can say that I give myself everything I can in each trial that I face. This has made it possible to overcome great challenges both in my personal and professional lives “.

Begoña Elices commented:

“The attitude can be strengthened, it is a precious and timely book”.

Carmelo Ezpeleta stated that:

“Marc’s attitude has always surprised me. In life, the difference is having positive or negative attitude. See something as a problem or an opportunity.”

And the psychologist Laura Rojas-Marcos, specialist in laughter, tossed:

“We can choose the attitude and how to face the challenges.”

Today, 17 will be making a presentation open to the public in Barcelona, ​​specifically at the Fnac of Illa Diagonal at 19:00. Although in Barcelona it seems that the main character in this book, Marc Márquez, will not be, as it was not in the act of Madrid, since he is in the process of recovery and “set-up” to reach Catar’s next race Sunday 23 in the best possible conditions. Anyway, Marc already congratulated Damiá through his Twitter account, demonstrating that in addition to his attitude he knows how to take care of the relationships with the media and the people around him.

At Motorpasión Moto we are waiting for you to receive a copy of this book to be able to evaluate it and trim it carefully so we will tell you how this Marc Márquez Attitude is. The publishers responsible for the publication are Lectio Ediciones in the Spanish version and Cossetània in the Catalan version. The price, as indicated in the editorial, is 17.50 euros.