Marc Márquez: “What is my motorcycle illegal? That they open it and they check it “

Marc Márquez has become, after his exhibition last Sunday in Japan, when he overtook the whole grid in a few laps, in a real videogame pilot, capable of doing things that only seemed within the reach of those pilots of the play. But Marc is flesh and blood, and although there is not much transcendence, in Motegi he ran infiltrated, after suffering in the warm up before the race, a strong blow with his left elbow, which was dragging off the track in one of his folded impossible, so much that he touched one of the fixed cameras that are around the tracings. By the blow he was infiltrated, as it hurt a lot.

“I’m better from the elbow, it still bothers me a little but nothing, it was more the blow of Sunday. It was a strong blow and it hit me the muscle and normal, at first my hand fell asleep and I had to go to the clinic and they had to infiltrate me to avoid any setbacks in the race, “explained Marc in Malaysia this afternoon, already prepares the race on Sunday, in which you can proclaim world champion of Moto2 mathematically.

“There are a lot of pilots who touch with their elbows on the ground and it’s another point of support, but in some places it’s uncomfortable like in Montmeló, where the pianos are high, but it suits me because of my riding style,” says the pilot. of Cervera.

To do this he has to finish ahead of Pol Espargaró. First chance to be a champion. “This weekend is already the first opportunity, it can not be denied, but everything is very difficult, I will try not to think about it because until now I have done well, working in each training, in each race and I will continue the same. Then we’ll see how I can manage it. ”

As it has been the last races could be on Sunday a new duel between Marc and Pol for the victory. “We are at a high level Pol and I and that helps to improve the level of the category. We are both giving 100%. The important thing is the championship and in the end we are having a great regularity “, explained Marc.

One of the rumors that run through the paddock and that many Anglo-Saxon media have echoed is the belief that Marc’s Sutter runs a lot because it could have been manipulated. “Well, in the end there are comments that my motorcycle runs more, than if it is illegal, but that is what is always said, they can claim and from there they open the motorcycle, the engine is the same for everyone and I am completely insurance. In the end the engine is for everyone the same but the bike can change weights, evolve small things and all help. If you have a good technical team like mine and things are done, a competitive bike is made. ”

One of the most watched videos on the internet this week is the first round of Moto2 at Motegi, with Marc advancing incessantly … “Yes, I’ve seen it. Impress a bit to see the race again but when you are there you do not see it the same “.

On the emotional tribute to Marco Simoncelli, he comments that “it makes you think when things happen like last year, it makes you see the risk of this sport but in the end it turns the page and make a tribute to a pilot as charismatic and a good person as he is the minimum. We all loved him very much. ”

Some risks and dangers that Marc does not think about when he is on his Sutter. “You always think on the bike, but if you do it on these things, it’s impossible to go fast. If you think about the risk you run at that moment, it’s impossible to go fast. ”

Marc has refined his style of riding a lot, now more similar to MotoGP than to a lower category bike. “During a season you are evolving just like the motorcycle and if you watch videos from last year from start to finish the style changes a lot. You are learning things in different circuits during the year and you also have more strength, more muscle mass, everything helps. The piloting counts, if you attack a lot in the braking at the exit of the curve you lose, but if you sacrifice a little the entrance and you pass fast by curve allows you to accelerate before “, reveals about his piloting.

On whether he has a method or technique to save those falls that saves in extremis, Marc admits that “it’s luck, it’s instinct of reaction, I’ve saved many falls but also the tires warn you and if you’re attentive you can react, but I’d say it’s an act of luck, reflections, a little of everything. But I hope I do not have to save many more. ”