Marc Márquez, new Moto2 World Champion

Marc Márquez has become today the Phillips Island Circuit, with a race to finish the season, in the new Moto2 World Champion. The Cervera driver, after a formidable season, has asserted the advantage with which he came to this race and has become good third place, behind Pol Espargaró, who has won the race, and Anthony West, who has been second. Marc has climbed to the third step of the podium of the Grand Prix of Australia, and the first, the highest, the most desired, the world.

Márquez has thus put the finishing touch to a memorable season, in which he has dominated the category with an extraordinary intelligence and piloting, adding the experience and patience he missed last season, the year of his Moto2 debut, ruined by the fall of beginning and end of season. Marc wanted to win today, he dreamed of being a champion by winning the race, but unlike not many months ago, he has known how to play his cards, be smart, run in the key of the world, not race. Marc has put himself first, but has been overtaken, in the second round, by an unbeatable Pol Espargaró today. However, Cervera has not gone crazy, he knew that he did not need to fight for victory and he let Pol, with a much bigger rhythm, go away. Not even when Scott Redding overtook him on lap six, Marc blinked, third place was still as good, a podium and the title in his pocket. Only in the end, when West has entered the scene and it has happened, Marc has returned to draw his blood pure pilot race to fight, with the Australian and the British for the podium.

Pol has tried, he has done his job, he has started to throw like a beast, taking almost a second to return to his pursuers, seeking to provoke a reaction of Marc, who risked, who wanted to throw the glove and, consequently, could commit an error, a failure that extends until Valencia the decision of the title. But Marc had already decided that the title was returning to Europe, he decided on the antipodes and that Valencia is going to be a great celebration prize, to enjoy with the fans. The Cervera has played his cards intelligently, in the goal he was expecting the jackpot, the only memory he wants to take to MotoGP next season, his second world crown after the conquest, two years ago, in 125cc.

On the great day of Marc Márquez, Pol Espargaró has decided to make the best race of his sporting life, a portentous display on a track not easy, nothing simple, but in which the youngest of the Espargaró, after some dominated workouts from top to bottom I knew he was untouchable, as he has shown on asphalt. The Granollers went bad, fourth no less having the pole, but in the second lap he was already second and in the braking of the straight after the second step by goal he was already first, overtaking Marc. Pol has thrown everything , but Marc has not followed him, he has let him go, the victory today was not in his accounts. Pol’s break has been impressive, two tenths per sector, half a second per lap, almost a second … In the end impressive victory of Polyccio, majestic carrerón, a day that, however, will be remembered for the title of Marc, not for the prodigious career and victory of Pol.

Agonizing end

Only at the end, when the Australian West has come to Marc trying to find a podium at home that the Catalan wanted for himself, there has been some tension. After a first attempt by the Australian, he has managed, in the second, to pass Marc, who has remained fourth, after Redding and West. From the wall Emilio Alzamora had the hair as escarpias and asked for calm to Marc, on the blackboard the usual ‘P4 OK’ that Marc will not have even looked. It was round 22 to three at the end and it seemed that Marc was satisfied with the fourth … No!

On the last lap, with the World Cup in his pocket, Marc has gone for his two rivals, West has overtaken Redding already in the last lap and Marc has seen the hole, too much temptation not to go for it, achieving move to Redding and reaching the finish line just 0.026 seconds behind West, achieving third place, getting on the podium and crowned Moto2 World Champion. Without a doubt, he deserved it, congratulations!

Classification of the Race

Pol Espargaró: “I wanted to get to 20 seconds ahead, I was having a really good time, Marc made a very intelligent race and I want to congratulate him.”

Anthony West: “I have worked hard to achieve such a result, Márquez is very happy for his championship but I am even happier for my second place, thanks to all my team.”

Marc Márquez: (Very excited) “It was a very difficult year, especially at the beginning, but we achieved our goal, I dedicate it to everyone and especially to my team.”