Marc Márquez launches his e-commerce for fans

Fans of the rider will be able to acquire all the MM93 official products from any part of the world throughout this e-commerce

Márquez becomes the first MotoGP rider with his own online store

The new website ( renews its design and improves its functionalities

Right before starting in Qatar his fifth season in MotoGP class, Marc Márquez launches his new e-commerce website, a completely renovated page from which it will be possible to acquire easily all the official products of the five-time world champion. By doing so, Márquez becomes the first MotoGP rider with his own online store.

Marc Márquez’s successful career in the motorcycling world has increased significantly the number of fans that follow him around the planet. People who share the same values of the Cervera rider and who support him both inside and outside the circuits. Thanks to this new e-commerce, Marc’s millions of followers will have direct access to his entire merchandising collection, as well as to the MM93 products from Marc’s sponsors.

Replica helmets, sunglasses, comics, cameras and flags are some of the products that make up the offer of this online store. From this moment on, all of them can be acquired from any place at any time. “It makes me especially excited to open the e-commerce to be able to reach fans directly who support me all over the world and correspond back part of the affection they give me”, says the five-time champion of the world.

In addition to incorporating the online store, the website has a renewed design, allows a day to day follow up of the rider, both through networks and in the circuits, and collects all the information of the social and solidarity projects in which Marc Márquez participates. In this way, the new website ( becomes the reference website for the 93 fans.