Marc Márquez: “Having such a bad time during the winter has helped me achieve this”

Marc Márquez suffered a serious injury in Malaysia last year, a head injury that took him six months with vision problems, prevented him from doing the preseason and, at times, made him fear for his sports career. The worst moment of his life, a maturation at full speed, a master of suffering that has made him a more mature person and has earned him to be, today, one of the most admired and followed pilots of the planet.

Today, however, has risked once again, ignoring the blackboard that pointed to the famous ‘P4 OK’.

“I’ve seen it, I’ve seen it and I’ve taken notice of the blackboard until the last corner, I wanted to finish on the podium and celebrate it there, I like it better on the podium than in the box.”

“In those moments everything happens very fast, you are excited, you are in a cloud, when you arrive with the mechanics and the team is the best moment, even better than when you cross the finish line, that you are alone. When you get there you see everyone’s happiness and that’s when you’re happiest. After the winter that we have spent, which has been the hardest part of the year, start the year with a victory in Qatar and from there continue to maintain and withstanding the pressure. It is a great satisfaction, to have achieved the title, and more with a rival like Pol that has made it very difficult and we also have to congratulate. ”

The points advantage in the general was clear, but nerves always go by. “Quiet, calm, I was not there. I knew I could be a champion, but you always want to be a champion by doing a good race. I knew that Pol was fine, in the warm up we found something that allowed us to improve, we were more in the times, but when Pol passed me it was too risky to follow him. Maybe in another race I would have tried, but when it happened I saw that the bike moved a lot, I decided to keep behind Redding the whole race and wait for it to end “.

But to all that, West has appeared. “Well, they marked it on the board, first at 0.8, then at 0.4, when I was close I saw it in parallel with me, it was going to happen to me and I stopped a little earlier so that it happened to me and I stayed fourth the last corner, I wanted to get on the podium. ”

Marc has explained a bit how that last corner has been. “Well, I was thinking it little by little, at each turn I was watching. If I had arrived with Redding I was only clear, but when West has arrived the two or three laps that went ahead, I knew that he was going to play in some braking to move to Redding and I was thinking that if nothing happened rare among them, in the last corner could go to Redding on the inside because it opened a lot and try to pass West by the slipstream “.

A serious injury last year, a winter without preseason, recovering from the vision, a hell … that helps to value the title much more. “Yes, especially it helps you mature and be mentally harder. There were moments of real despair. Every morning I got up and before opening my eyes I thought to see if I see well already … but not, like this for six months. In the end it was a little what Emilio (Alzamora) told me, to be here after all this is a great luck and to enjoy it, this has helped me a lot “.

Marc sees double again … two world titles “Yes, hahaha, we have achieved the Moto2 title, which was one of my goals. That’s why I stayed in Moto2 in his day, I knew I wanted to go to MotoGP with the title and that’s how it was. We had to put up with the pressure from all of you, from the sponsors, from one year to stay there, with the favorite label, it was difficult but we managed to manage well and we won the title in the absence of a race, something that was important because it was another of my goals, to have a free career ahead. ”

The team

Marc will now jump to MotoGP, to a new category and a new team, leaving behind a human group (Santi, Hugo, Javi, Jordi, Carlos, Hector and Emilio) with which he is absolutely compenetrado. “We have made an incredible pineapple, I have never felt so comfortable in a team, total confidence, we relate superbly, something that is noticeable because you are looking forward to the circuits to run and to see them, to laugh, have fun … important is that they are a superprofessional group, made to measure, that we did between Emilio and me and that we hit one hundred percent “.

Of all of them, only two will be able to take the Honda HRC team, Santi Hernández and Carlos Liñán, as well as Emilio Alzamora as manager. “It is clear that I would have taken them all, but it is clear that Stoner is a great group, they are very professional and in the end I take Santi and Carlos who are two very important pieces”.

Marc arrives in MotoGP with all credenzas, 125 and Moto2 champion. “Yes, it’s a pilot’s dream, move to the next category with the title. The same thing happened to me with 125, I was there or I did not win it, it was clear that if I did not get it I had another year in 125 to get it. I think it’s the most beautiful, to pass the category with the title, because then going back to get it is very difficult “.

At the moment Márquez is in no hurry to get into MotoGP. “To make a MotoGP race you have to have done a few tests and be well prepared. Now to enjoy the last grand prize in Valencia and on Tuesday we will talk. ”

The Cervera has won a title against a tough opponent, Pol Espargaró, which Marc has not forgotten at the time of valuations. “De Pol highlighted the explosiveness of going out and going fast right away. We have done a very good year, both he and I deserved the title, but in the end those five little points of the last laps we played with him, five, plus five, plus five, in the end they add up and make a difference “.

Marc won the 125th World Championship and passed to Moto2; now Moto2 wins and passes to MotoGP, he has not yet been able to take the number 1 on his motorcycle. Maybe I can do it soon in the queen category. “I would not wear it either, maybe I would wear it on my shoulder, little one, but 93 is my number … now in MotoGP it will be much harder, there are the best riders and when I see Stoner as he goes here it’s scary and It happens that I do not know if I will know how to do it. But before that I want to run in Valencia, I want to disconnect and run a race without pressure. ”

Marc Márquez has congratulated many people today, but some congratulations have made him especially excited. “There were many people in the corralito, but Nakamoto, Jorge Lorenzo, when important people come to congratulate you, you always appreciate it”.

Lorenzo, who one hour later has become the MotoGP world champion, has been the only rider in the premier class who has approached the Moto2 corralito to congratulate Márquez.

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