“Magic hands”

Before his imminent trip to Jerez, Lleida pilot Marc Márquez has donated 500 copies of the exclusive book “Las manos mágicas” for a micro donation campaign aimed at sick children at the Sant Joan de Deu Hospital in Barcelona. The rookie in MotoGP ™ has also analyzed his progress in Austin and his plans for the final test of the preseason.
Márquez visits hospital after Texas
Committed for some time with the initiatives of the Sant Joan de Deu children’s hospital in Barcelona, ​​Marc Márquez visited the center’s facilities today to donate 500 copies of the book “Las manos mágicas”, written by the journalist Emilio Pérez de Rozas and with photos by Mirko Lazzari, published to celebrate his victory in the 2012 Moto2 Championship. The donation will start a micro donation campaign that will go to the Amic Hospital program, which focuses on children having a childhood as normal as possible. “You feel very rewarded to be able to collaborate in such a project, especially when you see the smile of the children” explained Márquez. “Here the important ones are them, we just put our grain of sand so that this project goes ahead and they can be cured.” The Repsol Honda rider has submitted to the questions of all present, first of the children hospitalized, logically delighted with the visit of Márquez, and then the numerous media. Already in the sporting aspect, the rookie of the queen category has spoken of his recent and positive private test in the circuit of the Americas: “In Austin I had a lot more rhythm, I was fairly constant and I found myself very comfortable, maybe it was because I was starting feel more loose on the bike. Especially at the start of the corners I start to feel much better and I play much more with my weight on the bike. I’m not rigid, and that shows. I still have to improve points in braking, but I also feel better than in Malaysia in that section. ” For a rider who reaches the premier class, clinching the secrets of MotoGP electronics requires some time. The Lleida has stressed the importance of his visit to the Texan route to evolve in this area: “It helped me a lot to go to Austin. There was no basis for that layout and we had to work it ourselves. For me it was very hard, because I had a hard time understanding it, but in the end that helped me a lot to understand electronics better, since I had to make my own curve-by-curve adjustment, it’s an experience that made me learn much faster. ” Maturing the sense of dominance he left in the Circuit of the Americas by signing the fastest time in three days of testing, the pilot of 20 years has explained: “Yes, the times [in Austin] were very good, but the pilots of Yamaha were only with a motorbike, and that always makes the job a little difficult, and Dani certainly did not give his 100% either, because they were only training … The truth is that I found myself very comfortable and that I was very fast the three days now We’ll see how it goes in Jerez, which is a smaller circuit, different to those in Malaysia and Austin. ” On the important test in the Andalusian track, starting next March 23 for the premier class, Márquez says: “These are the last preparations before the first race … we must take all the tests, but this one, in a circuit where we will have the third race of the calendar, we must take advantage of it very well. Let’s hope it’s good weather! It is true that it is the last, but I face it as a normal test, in which I will continue with my adaptation. You have to work as usual, go out calmly and improve. ” “I do not see myself on the podium of Qatar,” responds Márquez to a question that is asked insistently. “There are three riders who are Lorenzo, Pedrosa and Rossi who are very experienced and very strong, and then there will be the battle behind them. I will give 100%, but first we have to do the test and then we will see how we are in the first GP “. And before the umpteenth repetition of if it is on the podium of the first race of 2013, it ends up ditching: “Like me, yes, I would like to be on the Qatar podium, but if I go with this mentality I can finish as the first year of Moto2 ™, on the gravel … ” “Hopefully not, but it can always happen, because they are races and logically I do not have the experience of a MotoGP race. Also when you’re there you warm up, but I’ll try to take it easy. ” Motogp.com