A look at the new classification system in MotoGP™

The 2013 season of MotoGP ™ brings with it a major change in the regulation of the classification of the queen category. The new format will be an additional challenge for both experienced pilots and debutants, and will also provide many inducements in each of the 18 Grand Prix weekends.

Until last year, the riders in the MotoGP ™ category had a one-hour qualifying session to get their best time and determine the grid position. With the new system, in force from this weekend, the times established in the free sessions will count for the qualification, since the combined results of the three sessions determine the participation of the pilots in the qualifying sessions QP1 or QP2.

The session called QP1 will be integrated by the drivers classified from the 11th place according to the combined times of the free riders, and will last 15 minutes. The two fastest riders in this short session will have the opportunity to join the ten that previously marked the best times in free practice and participate in the QP2 session, which will therefore rank 12 drivers and will determine the top 12 positions of the starting grid

There will be a fourth free session, 30 minutes, which will be played before the QP1 and QP2 classifications. This session will not count towards the qualification and will simply serve so that the pilots can adapt to unforeseen changes or make the necessary adjustments for the QP1 and QP2.

With this new format, not only the excitement for the fans is expected to intensify but also the safety of the track, as explained by Race Director Mike Webb:

“There are two reasons to establish this new qualification format in MotoGP. One is for the show itself. They are separate grades, so that in one group the fastest and in the other group the slowest. So one reason is the show, and the other big reason is for safety, for the drivers. ”

“Each group of pilots will have a clearer track and will be in a better position to make their best lap time,” Webb continues. “What we have done is take what was a one hour qualifying session and divide it into 30 minutes of free practice, and then two 15-minute sessions to establish the classification of the grid. ”

Veteran coach Ramón Forcada, Jorge Lorenzo’s trusted man in the Yamaha Racing Team box, says: “I think it’s going to be good, especially for the people, for the spectators, because it’s going to be 15 minutes during which everybody will be attacking the times, the track will be clearer than last year, since there will only be 12 bikes in the last session and it will be very exciting “.

“We’re going to use the three free sessions to get the right set-up, and we’re probably going to use the last of those free sessions to do a long lap, just to check the race situation.” It’s not exactly the race distance , half an hour should be enough, and then we will prepare to look for time “continues Forcada, making it clear that the strategy in the use of available time will be an element to be taken into account.

Divide the rating into two groups will mean another benefit for the smaller teams on the grid, as they can enjoy more time on television, which is always a point in favor of the sponsors.