“In Austin I started having more fun on the bike”

The Repsol Honda team rider flew in the first practice sessions in Austin, a reflection of which he begins to dominate his Honda RC213V.

The current Moto2 World Champion, Marc Márquez, continues to progress by leaps and bounds in the premier class. At the handlebar of his new MotoGP, the Repsol Honda rider has marked during the three days of private training held at the new Circuit of the Americas, in Austin, United States, the best times of the riders who traveled there, where Once again, he has been surprised by its rapid adaptation.

How do you rate everything you’ve done so far in MotoGP? Did you expect such fast learning?

“Where you learn more and where everything is new is in the first test. Especially in Malaysia, more than in Valencia, because there I did very few laps. In Austin I have understood the motorcycle a bit more. By not having a base in the set-up, you have to work much more and, although for the pilot it is harder, in the end you also learn more. The truth is that these days is when I have understood more about the electronics of the motorcycle. ”

In the Austin tests you have marked the best times. Had you prepared the debut on this circuit in any special way?

“I had seen videos of Formula 1, images on board, … But when you get here, it’s completely different. We took a ride with the scooter the day we arrived, but I think the key was to take the test very calmly, especially at the beginning, quickly finding the right track. We planned very well and the circuit went well. I adapted and this was important, but I think that when it’s the Grand Prix, all the drivers will find a base quickly. The three days is a bit fictitious and the reality will be that we will all be much closer together. ”

Does not it say anything to you to get to a new circuit, to be a rookie and have you done the best time?

“It is clear that this result is better than I expected. We have to see reality, and logically, I did not expect to be that good on a new circuit. In the end, all the circuits that there are in the World are circuits in which the others already have rolled several years with these bikes, they have experience and a good base. On the other hand, for me it will be all new. In a new circuit like this I have adapted very well and this is an important point “.

What do you think are the most difficult parts of this route and where can the differences be more marked?

“This circuit is divided into two zones. I think that in the first part, that of the chicanes, is one of the important and differentiating points. I think that in the race it will be in this sector where the difference will be marked, because physically this point tires a lot and you are constantly making a lot of strength. The last partial is also quite complicated, especially the three consecutive right curves. At this point there is also a lot of time at stake. ”

Do you think it’s a track where we’ll see overtaking?

“Yes, it is a circuit where you can overtake at many points. I think that for the viewer this will be nice to see, especially in the last laps. There are many overtaking points. ”

Is there a special circuit or that you are looking forward to racing with the MotoGP?

“Those who make you illusion are always those at home. All circuits with the home crowd are special. There always makes you dream to run. ”

You said that at the beginning the bike took you. Marking these times, now you are the one who is carrying the motorcycle?

“Yes, little by little. Here I started to have more fun on the bike. I’m a little looser. There are still points where I’m a bit stiff, but to go stiffer or looser I think that in the end it does not make me go fast or slow. Going more loose allows me to be a little more constant, and when I lose the performance of the tires I can play more with the weight of the body … Here, especially in the last part of the second day and in the third, I felt very good “.

And now that you know your bike better, what are the strengths of the Honda RC213V?

“The strengths of the Honda almost everyone knows: acceleration and slow corners. On the stop and go circuits is where I think we can get more advantages. ”