Heritage of Cervera

Marc Màrquez attended yesterday the opening of an exhibition about his career at the Regional Museum || “It’s a pride to get close to the fans,” he said.

Marc Màrquez has occupied a space in the history of Cervera since yesterday. His life and career are exhibited – for a year at least – at the County Museum together with that of Duran i Sanpere or the Mestre de Cervera, or with pieces such as L’Estel·la de Preixana or emblematic elements that explain the history of the university or Santa Maria. The museum has dedicated more than 200 m2 to explain and exhibit with glasses, trophies, motorcycles, clothes, videos, photos and other history of the pilot under the title “93 Marc Márquez”.

According to the mayor, Ramon Royes, “we want to take advantage of the opportunity offered by Marc’s career to attract new tourists to Cervera”. For his part, Márquez, who attended the inauguration accompanied by his family and team, said that the initiative will allow him to get to know the fans, because “although the important thing I have on the slopes, which is where I like to talk It is also a pride to be able to get close to the fans and, besides, this will be fine for Cervera. ”

Marc walked accompanied by the mayor the Museum exhibition that runs through a simulated itinerary Montmeló circuit. The visit begins in the box and later exposes the elements with which Màrquez has carved out his career, from the first motorcycle that was given to him with 4 years, the bikes with which he has run in his different stages, among them the one that won the World Championship of 125, their costumes, helmets, images of their best moments and trophies.

The inauguration was also attended by Carme Vidal, Director of Culture of the Generalitat in Lleida, who congratulated the initiative of the city and said that Marc is a “cultural heritage of Cervera, Lleida and Catalonia since it is a reference that identifies us everybody”.

Márquez also spoke about the news and minimized the injury suffered in his left hand in Le Mans, which will not prevent him from being in Montmeló on June 3. “Before the fans, I feel very motivated and I hope that the desire does not play a trick on me, we have to know how to use the experience we have had and face the race as one more”.

As for the loss of the leadership said “we are in the fourth race, this has just started and, in addition, despite having a zero in Le Mans we are only one point”. He did not hide that one of his dreams is to get the Moto2 title. “If it can be better now, but it’s not an obsession either,” he concluded.