GoPro British Grand Prix 2018 Schedule

The MotoGP World Championship comes to Silverstone, where the GoPro British Grand Prix will take place this weekend. The leader Marc Márquez will look for his tenth podium finish of the season.

Do not miss any detail of this GP with the schedule of all races and training sessions.

CET Time (UTC/GMT +2):

Friday 24th August

Moto3, FP1: 10.00-10.40
MotoGP, FP1: 10.55-11.40
Moto2, FP1: 11.55-12.40
Moto3, FP2: 14.10-14.50
MotoGP, FP2: 15.05-15.50
Moto2, FP2: 16.05-16.50

Saturday 25th August

Moto3, FP3: 10.00-10.40
MotoGP, FP3: 10.55-11.40
Moto2, FP3: 11.55-12.40
Moto3, QP: 13.35-14.15
MotoGP, FP4: 14.30-15.00
MotoGP, Q1: 15.10-15.25
MotoGP, Q2: 15.35-15.50
Moto2, QP: 16.05-16.50

Sunday 26th August

Moto3, Warm Up: 10.00-10.20
MotoGP, Warm Up: 10.30-10.50
Moto2, Warm Up: 11.00-11.20
Carrera de Moto3: 12.20
Carrera de MotoGP: 14.00
Carrera de Moto2: 15.30