Eleventh victory of Márquez before a Lorenzo who fights but can not; Rossi, third

Marc Márquez has returned to Silverstone on the road to victory today, adding his eleventh triumph of the course after the break he suffered a fortnight ago in Brno, where his teammate Dani Pedrosa thwarted the immaculate winning streak of the Cervera driver. Marc has imposed himself on a tough and incisive Jorge Lorenzo, who has tried everything, but has not been able to with the world leader. Valentino Rossi has completed the podium, almost eight seconds behind Lorenzo, starring in a new Yamaha team double on the podium. Third consecutive. Dani Pedrosa was fourth, losing the battle with the Italian.

Not much was expected from the MotoGP race of the Great Britain Grand Prix. Marc Márquez had dominated the four free practice sessions, qualifying for the pole and warm up today in the morning. He only had to win to make the full. And he has done it. It was predictable. What did not seem so clear is that someone could complicate things, at least in appearance, and forced him to drive to the limit and play in two overtaking fairings against fairing. Márquez gave the final ax with three laps to go, winning the interior and forcing Jorge to lift his Yamaha to avoid hitting the center of the curve. From there to the goal Marc has not found a response from Lorenzo.

Eleven victory of twelve possible. Marc continues to mark the times of an impressive season. It was the one with the best rhythm, the best set-up and a clear dominance over the rest. Marc has moved like a fish in the water on this technical and complicated British circuit. Where Lorenzo had won three of the last four races played here. Only Casey Stoner’s Honda had subdued the 99. Today he did the same bike, with a driver as good or more than the Australian.

Lorenzo took the start of the race with determination, overtaking Andrea Dovizioso and Marc Márquez, who was on pole. The Yamaha has been put first, but unlike other races, Marc has not been involved in the start and has not let anyone else pass him. That allowed him to get on Jorge’s wheel and not lose sight of him until the end. Behind Dovizioso has been overtaken by Aleix Espargaró, but quickly the Italian has returned the pass and Valentino, who came from behind, has done the same, not before engaging in a beautiful battle with Aleix, which in the end has yielded its also Pedrosa, who came from the seventh position, away from the head duo.

In the second round the race was stabilized with Lorenzo and Marquez stuck in front, and Dovizioso and Rossi in a second term, but very close. Pedrosa rolled to 0.7 from Vale. In the fourth round Lorenzo has scored a distance of 0.4 with Marc, who in turn was 0.4 from Dovizioso, while Pedrosa was approaching Rossi from behind. Aleix had already gone down to almost three seconds.

Rossi has started the attack on Dovizioso, first he has shown him the wheel and then it has happened to him. The rhythm of the head was hellish and the distance of Lorenzo and Marquez with Rossi was already 1.1 seconds. Dani has passed to Dovizioso and it looked like he was going for Rossi. But the Italian has endured well until the ninth turn, when the distance was already more than three seconds with his head. Dani has passed to Valentino and for four laps he has remained third. But far from cutting with respect to Lorenzo and Marquez, the distance has been rising, first 3.3 seconds, then 3.8 and already 5.5 on lap 12. Rossi then took advantage of a small mistake by Dani, who has opened up a bit and left a hole through which Rossi has slipped, very incisive. Pedrosa has not responded, and half a lap after Dovizioso has made a spectacular left inside, relegating the Honda to fifth place.

The laps passed in front, Lorenzo always first, but with Marc never more than 0.3 or 0.5 away. Marc passed the time, studying Jorge, looking at his lines, studying his braking, looking for the door he was going to overtake him to win the race. It has been in the 13th fly, Jorge has opened a bit in a right turn and Marc has won the interior, putting himself first with just over six laps to go. It seemed definite that the race was over.

But Lorenzo has not given up. He has shown his most quarrelsome and non-conformist side. He had the second position assured, but he went for Marc. Four laps from the end in a similar action Marc has left a little gap by taking a right turn and Jorge has gotten. Jorge has returned to lead the race, hardly a lap. Marc has put in attack mode and he has gotten the wheel and a half full motorcycle, almost touched. But Jorge has put up with the guy. It was a matter of time and in the next turn, Marc has already put all the bike, inside, in a noble and beautiful battle of gladiators. This time Jorge has had to lift the motorcycle, defeated. Marc has already gone off to victory.

With the two first positions decided, it was necessary to see who was going to accompany them on the podium. Rossi was third, Dovizioso fourth eating the rear tire, Dani fifth waiting for his moment. It seemed that it arrived, already in the last lap, when it has overtaken Dovizioso, but they have not had meters to try it with Rossi, who has entered third, to 8.5 of the winner and only 0.1 ahead of Pedrosa, that after the victory of Brno He has stayed out of the podium today.

Great race for Andrea Dovizioso, despite finishing fifth. The Italian has shown that in Ducati they are doing things well, that they go step by step and in each race better. This time he was able to hold until the end, and get very close to Rossi and Pedrosa, planting face and showing that the bike has potential. To a world of them all (almost 25 seconds), Pol Espargaró has been sixth, ahead of Stefan Bradl, Andrea Iannone, Aleix Espargaró, Scott Redding and Yonny Hernández. Cal Crutchlow, twelfth, finished 43 seconds behind the winner. Bradley Smith has abandoned and Alvaro Bautista, once again, has ended up on the floor.

With this new victory, Marc dominates the world with 288 points, 89 more than Dani Pedrosa (199), who is second. Valentino spikes some points to Castellar (189), while Lorenzo, with his fourth consecutive podium, remains fourth with 157 points.

In the park closed after the race, Marc commented that “Jorge has been much stronger than I expected before the race. It has been fun, yes, because I have passed the goal first. I’ve had a lot of problems with the rear wheel, a lot of spinning. ”

Lorenzo, meanwhile, commented that “races are races and have these surprises, it was not the favorite at all and I could have been there, but it has not been enough. The touch cost me half a second and I also had the rear tire destroyed. ”

Valentino Rossi has been “happy because it is my first podium at Silverstone, but we have to improve to be with the front to the end of the races.”