Concentrated for the race

Hello again!
Finally I had a bit of time to get in front of the computer and write a few lines before getting into the Grand Prix this weekend. I told you that we had a long journey ahead to get here and the truth is that in the end it has gone better than I thought. I mean, I’ve arrived more rested than I could have imagined at first.

When traveling with more time than we usually do in other races, I have had time to rest and be as focused as possible for the GP. The truth is that I have pretty well the subject of jet lag that brings more than one head. Although you always notice, traveling earlier gives you more time to get used to the time change. Here the day is ending, so today we have to rest well that tomorrow we started working with the team in the circuit.

One of the things that worried us most was the time we were going to find here. There are forecasts of rain for Saturday although it is not entirely safe and we are pending at all times of the changes there may be. The changing weather is something we knew we were going to find, so we will have to try even harder to try to get a good set-up and qualification. Let’s see if we are lucky and the wind does not blow very strongly that here is something to take into account.

I know that many of you are going to hit a good start to see the race because of the time change, so I hope to do it very well so you can enjoy it. Thank you for all your messages of encouragement.

A greeting!