CEV Buckler Catalunya; previous and schedules

The CEV Buckler 2012 reaches its equator in the Circuit de Catalunya and does so framed in the celebration of its 100 contested events since the Championship of Spain is organized under its current format.

A celebration that will dress up the Catalan circuit where, with free access, there are many programmed activities that can be consulted here.

In the purely sporting and within the category of Moto3 highlight that Alex Márquez arrives leading the general classification by only 3 points of advantage and where the top 5 classified are separated by only 11 points, with three different winners in the first three appointments : Ottl, Márquez and Amato, great favorites for the victory to which add pilots who have already occupied the podium this season: Mcphee, Bagnaia, Medina and Guevara, without forgetting others who for some reasons or other have not done so and for talent and material they have options like Ramirez, Rodriguez, Baldassarri, Navarro or Miralles, who will play the next Assen GP as a wild card. Also noteworthy is the return to competition of Wayne Gardner’s son, Remy Gardner, absent from Motorland due to budget problems and who will have luxury support in his box this weekend, the 3-time 500cc World Champion. Kenny Roberts

In Moto2 the leader Jordi Torres arrives at his talisman circuit, where he has won the last seasons, with the extra motivation of his great performance in the Catalunya GP, where he finished 16th at the gates of the points. Kenny Noyes, the most regular of the category with three podiums in three races, will look for a victory that resists him, like Mariñelarena and Ramos. The Colombian Santi Hernandez, leader of the classification of private and each day closer to the podium will be another of the pilots to take into account. Dani Rivas, winner in Jerez, is still convalescing from his injuries and his position in the Kalex of the Galician TSR will be occupied by the Italian D’Annzio.

The “big” class of CEV Buckler, Stock Extreme, arrives in Catalunya with the clearest leader, a Carmelo Morales who already leads Smith by 22 points, but in addition to the Anglo-Spaniard, pilots such as Barragán, Fores or Love, you already know what it is to step on the box this season.

The Kawasaki Ninja Cup returns to action after his absence in Motorland with Habib and Palao tied for points in the first position, although Hugo Martinez, winner in Navarra, is located just 4 points and Poyatos to 7.

As usual, the television channel Energy will broadcast live the races, which can also be followed live through the web www.mitele.es but what better than live live the races of the next World Champions in a great atmosphere , with access to the paddock included and free; do not miss it, come to the CEV!

CEV Buckler Circuit de Catalunya Timetable

Friday, June 22, 2012

09: 00-09: 40h Moto2 Ent. Free 1

09.50-10.30h Moto3 Ent. Free 1

10: 40-11.20h Stock Extreme Ent. Free 1

11: 30-12.05h Kawasaki Ninja Cup Ent. Free 1

12: 15-12.55h Moto2 Free 2

13: 05-13: 45h Moto3 Ent. Free 2

13: 55-14.35h Stock Extreme Ent. Free 2

14: 45-15: 20h Kawasaki Ninja Cup Ent. Free 2

Saturday, June 23, 2012

09: 00-09: 40h Moto2 Ent. Officer 1

09.50-10.30h Moto3 Ent. Officer 1

10: 40-11.20h Stock Extreme Ent. Officer 1

11: 30-12.05h Kawasaki Ninja Cup Ent. Officer 1

12: 15-12.55h Moto2 Official 2

13: 05-13: 45h Moto3 Ent. Officer 2

13: 55-14.35h Stock Extreme Ent. Officer 2

14: 45-15: 20h Kawasaki Ninja Cup Ent. Officer 2

Sunday, June 24, 2012

09: 00h-09.15h: Stock Extreme Warm Up

09: 20h-09.35h: Moto2 Warm Up

09: 40h-09.55h: Moto3 Warm Up

10: 00-10: 15h: Kawasaki Ninja Cup Warm Up

10:20: Pit lane Walk

11: 00h: Stock Extreme Race (Energy TV)

12: 00h: Moto2 Race (Energy TV)

13: 00h: Moto3 Race (Energy TV)

2:00 pm: Kawasaki Ninja Cup Race