Casey Stoner: “My ideal substitute at Honda is Márquez”

Casey Stoner announced last Thursday at the official press conference prior to the French Grand Prix that he has made the decision to retire at the end of this season, and that, therefore, in 2013 he will not continue racing with the official Honda HRC team.

This decision has put to work in depth to those responsible for the Japanese team in search of an ideal substitute or a combination of drivers for the next season to ensure they maintain the fight for the title that, until now, had more than secured with the Australian.

Casey, it seems, has decided to help his team find him a replacement, and according to what MCN journalist Matthew Birt has said on his twitter account this afternoon, the pilot told the British magazine that “my ideal substitute is Márquez, but the rookies’ shameful rule stops that possibility. ”

In addition to being a pulse against Dorna, since the managers of the World Cup have already said that this rule will not change, and that its repeal would entail damages for other actors that have nothing to do with Honda and his team, is an ugly detail of face his current partner, Dani Pedrosa, pending renewal of his contract with the Japanese house. Shuhei Nakamoto, the vice president of HRC and head of Honda in the races, has said several times, the last yesterday, that there will not be two Spanish drivers in the official Honda team, and recommend the signing of Marc is the same as recommending the dismissal of Dani.