Alpinestars and eight-time World Champion, Marc Marquez, have collaborated for the fifth consecutive year to launch the Spring 2023 Alpinestars X MM93 Capsule Collection that brings Marc’s racing style from the track and combines it with Alpinestars’ technical product excellence. The MM93 Spring 2023 collab offers a variety of products inspired by the distinctive MM93 style and racing livery for the 2023 MotoGP season, where the bright sodalite blue had been added to Marc’s suit, helmet, gloves, and racing boots.

For Spring 2023, the capsule collection pieces bring elements from his iconic MM93 logo and the new design of Marc’s Supertech R racing boots. Leveraging the scramble pattern derived from the geometric lines of the logo, the design team incorporated the sodalite blue to further accentuate the logos, the graphics, and the colors on the logos, bringing some additional racing spirit and vitality to the range. The result is a collection where the style of the MM93 Capsule is unique and exudes racing elements also present in his 2023 MotoGP kit.  We sought to keep only the essential elements of MM93 and worked to accentuate them with Marquez’s trademark red, black, gray, and new intense royal blue, colors, to create a range where the individual pieces look stunning alone or in combination with other products in the line.

“This is my 5th MM93 capsule collection with Alpinestars, and it’s exciting to see it evolve and rewarding to see the technologies and materials I use in MotoGP filter down to products for everyday street riders. Alpinestars protects me, and this collection lets my fans enjoy the same high standards of protection in my own colors and designs, which is very cool.

Just as on the track, we cannot imagine not riding without the airbag; we’ve collaborated on jackets that can be worn with airbags, as well as technical riding shoes, and gloves, making sure that dirt riders, street motorbike riders, or even riders on the track all feel safe and protected and can enjoy their ride even more. Alpinestars. One Goal. One Vision.”

Marc Marquez

The Spring 2023 MM93 Capsule features jackets, gloves, performance riding shoes, and accessories including technical backpacks. Several of the recent jacket additions to the MM93 Capsule Collection are Tech-Air® Ready, designed to accommodate the expansion of the Tech-Air® Airbag System.


  • Austin Riding Shoes
  • MM93 Jerez v2 Backpack
  • MM93 Losail v2 Gloves
  • MM93 Aragon Gloves
  • MM93 Thunder Thigh Bag and MM93 Waist Bag

Marc’s perseverance and philosophy of pushing to the limit are shared by Alpinestars and the company’s drive to incorporate professional athletes’ feedback and involvement in our world-renowned racing program. A leader for airbag protection in MotoGP and in the motorsports industry, Alpinestars R&D laboratories and product development teams are constantly striving to offer excellence in protective motorcycling apparel, footwear, and helmets to ensure riders have products that offer superior protection and performance. Alpinestars, together with Marc Marquez and other MotoGP riders have been able to bring protective top racing products, as well as Tech-Air® Airbag technology to everyday riders.  The new Spring 2023 Alpinestars MM93 Collection brings these product innovations to life, allowing Marc’s fans to ride with advanced protective gear in great MM93 style.