Spain Bwin Grand Prix


The motoGP World Championship lands in Europe for the fourth Grand Prix of the season. The Jerez circuit is one of the most charismatic tracks of the year, where hundred thousands of fans are reunited every season. The SpanishGP is also the first of the four GP’s of Spain.

2015 Friday May 1st

09.00-09.40h Moto3 FP1

09.55-10.40h MotoGP FP1

10.55-11.40h Moto2 FP1

13.10-13.50h Moto3 FP2

14.05-14.50h MotoGP FP2

15.05-15.50h Moto2 FP2

2015 Saturday May 2nd

09.00-09.40h Moto3 FP3

09.55-10.40h MotoGP FP3

10.55-11.40h Moto2 FP3

12.35-13.15h Moto3 QP

13.30-14.00h MotoGP FP4

14.10-14.25h MotoGP QP 1

14.35-14.50h MotoGP QP 2

15.05-15.50h Moto2 QP

2015 Sunday May 3rd

08.40-09.00h Moto3 Warm Up

09.10-09.30h Moto2 Warm Up

09.40-10.00h MotoGP Warm Up

11.00h Carrera Moto3

12.20h Carrera Moto2

14.00h Carrera MotoGP